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Ham Radio

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 12/18/2013 ARRL
Ham Radio
Ham Radio - the Worlds Best Hobby
Ham Radio is the World's Best Hobby.
A memoir by Dave Bell, W6AQ
 12/19/2011 CW
Ham Radio
Communication Across the Nation - The History of the Telegraph
Since the early days of long distance communication, the technology we use has come a very long way. We may even take our pocket-sized cell phones for granted but there was a time when telephone technology was not nearly as readily available to the masses. In the case of telegraphy, messages had to be decoded using a special language and it was viewed as a rather complicated tool. Read on to learn about this fascinating form of communication. Link via Samantha, Brighter Futures Charter School in California
 3/17/2011 Ham Radio
Emergency Communications
California Amateur Radio Linking Association (C.A.R.L.A.)
C.A.R.L.A. is a growing network of repeaters providing coverage across Northern & Central California and Western Nevada. It is intended to be used as a reliable communications resource during significant local, regional and wide area incidents, and is open to all licensed amateur radio operators. If you're new to C.A.R.L.A., please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with The System, and review the Usage Guidelines.
 10/9/2008 Emergency Equipment
Ham Radio
Go-Kit: Wireless LED Task Lamps (Cheap) - N5FDL's Journal - N5FDL Amateur Radio
The Lumen Wireless LED Task Light (two for $15 at Costco) features six LEDs, runs on 3 AAA batteries, and can clip onto items up to 1.5 inches thick.
 10/3/2008 Ham Radio
NEED A MANUAL? The following is a list of COPIES of original equipment manuals. COPIES are ONLY of originals and are totally complete. No manual is less than 100% perfect. Copy $16.00 unless otherwise noted. Currently nearly 3500 manuals are available.
 6/11/2008 Ham Radio
Welcome to The World of Ham Radio
Ham radio provides the broadest and most powerful wireless communications capability available to any private citizen anywhere in the world.

The ARRL is the national association for Amateur Radio in the USA. You too can become a member and communicate across the country, around the globe, or even with astronauts in space. To learn more, follow this link to ARRL as well as the three links at the bottom of the page.
 6/11/2008 Ham Radio ARRL - Ham Radio in the 21st Century
ARRL's Ham Radio Blog Site.
 6/10/2008 Ham Radio ARES Boom Box - Featured in QST, AUGUST 2000
A portable communications center featuring a VHF/UHF, 50/35 watt transceiver.
 3/20/2008 Ham Radio PL-259 Installation Made Easy for RG8X
Video: PL-259 Installation Made Easy for RG8X
 3/19/2008 Training
Ham Radio
ARRLWeb: First Contact Award Certificate Request
First Contact Award Certificate Request. Do you want to recognize someone who just made their first two-way radio communications by Amateur radio?
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