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 12/19/2011 CW
Ham Radio
Communication Across the Nation - The History of the Telegraph
Since the early days of long distance communication, the technology we use has come a very long way. We may even take our pocket-sized cell phones for granted but there was a time when telephone technology was not nearly as readily available to the masses. In the case of telegraphy, messages had to be decoded using a special language and it was viewed as a rather complicated tool. Read on to learn about this fascinating form of communication. Link via Samantha, Brighter Futures Charter School in California
 1/20/2007 CW Morse Resource
MorseResource - Tools to help learn or improve your Morse code skills.
 10/21/2006 CW Morse Code
Convert to and from morse code. Play the sounds.
 11/26/2005 CW Just Learn MOrse Code
Just Learn Morse Code is designed to make it easy to learn Morse code, as well as improve the skills of those who already know the code.
 10/27/2005 CW Decode Disneyland telegraph
Hams love a good mystery - especially a radio mystery.
So when the author uncovered a cipher in Mickey Mouse's backyard, he just had to uncover its hidden message. As it turned out, one mystery led to another...
 10/1/2005 CW
Ham Radio
Tom White's "Mind Control Method" of learning CW
Hear a group of morse code, then a few seconds of silence and then hear a synthesized voice telling what characters had just been sent. MP3 downloads,
 7/25/2005 Ham Radio
K7QO's CW Code Course
K7QO's Home Page
K7QO's Code Course and Books on Tape:
This is a new service that I am offering starting as of July 1, 2005. What I will do is put one book a month on CD in Morse code

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