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ARES Procedures

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 12/18/2013 Emergency Communications
ARES Procedures
Public Safety Technical Assistance Tools Web Site
Public Safety Technical Assistance Tools
Welcome to the Public Safety Technical Assistance Tools Website. Great resources.
 12/18/2013 Emergency Communications
ARES Procedures
adio 101: Operating Two-Way Radios Every Day and in Emergencies | Government Book Talk From the Gove
Radio 101: Operating Two-Way Radios Every Day and in Emergencies | Government Book Talk
From the Government Printing Office:
Two-way radio communication may seem like a thing of the past with smart phones and the availability of more advanced technology. However, with the recent frequency of natural disasters, storms, and other emergency situations, more attention is being paid to radios as a reliable form of communication and a possible back-up communication option, including amateur radio operators.
 9/30/2008 ARES Procedures
Emergency Communications
TracyARC Downloads
An excellent collection of downloadable documents and other files of interest to TracyARC members and guests. By David Coursey, N5FDL
 7/2/2008 ARES Procedures
Emergency Communications
JNOS, Amateur Radio and mobile IP email/BBS
JNOS is one of the derivations of a PC program for amateur radio known as NOS. NOS was designed to be a BBS (Bulletin Board System), running on your PC as a regular MS-DOS program, that could allow you and others to use and provide email and other services based on IP (Internet Protocol).
 1/29/2007 ARES Procedures
EC's Check List
Since we have so many new ECs and because so many of the Colorado
After Action reports indicate repeats of just a few errors, we have the
"ECs Check List". This list is a single source reference for those
items you need to consider/use for every event or
 1/18/2006 ARES Procedures
ECom - Release 5.3
ECom Material - Release 5.3
This is the Colorado Emergency Communication (ECom) material.
Good information for any Ecom class
 12/4/2005 ARES Procedures LAFD ACS Field Operations Guide
A well done ACS Field Operations Guide
Thurston County ARES /RACES Resource Manual
 11/11/2005 ARES Procedures
ARES Procedures
Official Emergency Stations -- Homepage
Lots of links related to ARES, RACES. Info on structure.
 11/6/2005 ARRL
ARES Procedures
ARRLWeb: Field Services Forms
ARRL Field Services Forms:
Leadership Officials Requisition Form, Amateur Radio Placard, ARRL Radiogram form, FSD-3, FSD-23, FSD-85, FSD-96, FSD-98, FSD-125, FSD-156, FSD-157, FSD-182, FSD-183, FSD-187, FSD-210, FSD-212, FSD-218, FSD-220, FSD-244, FSD-255, SET Guidelines, EC SET Report, NM SET Report, EC Annual Report, Red Cross 2079-I, Affiliated Club Forms
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