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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 10/15/2013

October 15 Yolo ARES Meeting

Members in attendance:
KG6SJT, Greg
K6WLS, Ken
WA6TQJ, Gary
K6BIL, Bill
K7DWO, Bryce
K6KN, Bill
N6KIX, Rob
N6KLB, Rick
W6KJX, Lucille
W6FAQ, John

Items discussed:

* New web site for Sacrmanto Valley ARES groups. (KG6SJT)

This site will be a site where the various ARES group in the Sacramento Vally can share information and training tools.

* Update on the Packet BBS node that AG6QO will be installing on Berryessa Peak. Ken, K6WLS, gave an update.

* Recap of the Princess Promenade (WA6TQJ)
Gary discussed the event. He noted that next year the event maybe moved to Beal AFB due to problems with homeless people hassling bike riders and radio operators.

* Discussion and planning for the Great California Shakeout.

8:15 meeting adjourned.

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