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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 8/20/2013

Members present:

Lucille, W6KJX
Greg, KG6SJT
Robert, KC6UDS
Bill, K6KN
Charlie, N6JOA
Bryce, K7DWO
Gary, WA6TQJ
Rick, N6KLB
Wes, WS6Z
Daniel, KJ6LVS
Allan, KG6KDJ
Rob, N6KIX

Yolo County ARES conducted their August 20, 2013 meeting at the Yolo County EOC. Dana Carey from the Yolo County Office of Emergency Services, gave the ARES members an overview of the function on the Office of Emergency Services and discussed how Amateur radio operators will fit into to plan to support emergency communications.

ARES members were also able to tour the EOC, and the amateur radio station that Gary, WA6TQJ, and Ken, K6WLS, help get set up. Gary demonstrated the HF, 2 meter radios and the packet station.

This was an very informative meeting for all who were able to attend.
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