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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 4/16/2013

April 16, 2013 ARES meeting

Members present:

Greg, KG6SJT; Ken, K67WLS; Gary, WA6TQJ; Wes, WS6Z; Bill, K6KN; Bob, KI6BZR; Lu, W6KJX

Field Day:

Gary, WA6TQJ, talked about Field Day. YAR and ARES are supporting thidss event. ARES members that wish to participate and have meals, snack, ETC. can do so for $20.00

There was a discussion of band pass filters. Bill, K6KN, thought that YARS had made some up. He had great difficulty last year with digital communication and interference with the HF rigs.

Gary is working on a field day play to host Field Day either at the Davis Fire Station , or the UC Davis Airport.

OES update

Gary, WA6TQJ, noted that Dana Carey, has said that she'd be able to open the OES for nets. Gary is working with her to find out if ARES members could be granted access to the OES. There is a possibility that Several ARES members could become unpaid employees for Yolo County and thus granted access. This model is used in Sacramento.

Treasurer's Report
Bill, K6KN, presented a Treasury report. Currently we have $555.04.
Several corrections to the dues report were given to Bill.

Cache Creek Ridge Ride

Rick, N6KLB, discussed the Cache Creek Ridge Ride. He is working on the radio plan and assignments for this event.

We have created a sign-up web page at:


Rick reported that he will contact the trustee ofg the Walker Ridge Repeater for permission to use the repeater for the Cache Creek Ridge Ride event.

There was also a discussion regarding using packet radio to pass information during the event.

The meeting ended at 8:30 PM

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