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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 3/19/2013

Yolo County ARES meeting March 19, 1013

Members present: KG6SJt, Greg; WA6TQJ, Gary; K6KN, Bill; KI6BZR, Bob; K7DWO, Bryce; N6KLB, Rick
Vinnie Ryan, From Sutter Davis Hospital.

This month's meeting was held at the Sutter Davis Hospital. Bryce, K7DWO, and Vinnie Ryan from Sutter Davis, gave us a tour of the hospital radio room and the Incident command center.

Vinnie talked about the HICS-213 approved hospital message form that would most likely be used to send messages. The members present discussed the forma and agreed that it would be no problem sending the form. Yolo County ARES members have been practicing sending ICS-213 messages for several years and there are just minor differences.

We toured the radio room, which is small, but the hospital purchased some very nice equipment: a Yaesu 950 and a Yaesu 8800. Both radios are connected to very good antennas.

The members at the meeting suggested that it would be good to have the option to operate the 8800 on packet. This would mean purchasing or bring a TNC, and a cable. Several ARES members have portable packet set-up, and Yolo ARES has several portable packet kits that could be deployed if necessary.

After the hospital discussions, there was a short discussion about the Cache Creek Ridge Ride which will be on May 11. Rick, N6KLB, who was the lead planner last year will again contact the ride administration and develop a communication plan for this year's ride. We will be having a special ARES meeting to discuss the planning and coordination of this event.

The meeting ended at 8:20.


Greg, KG6SJT

Yolo County ARES