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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 2/19/2013

Yolo County ARES meeting February 19, 2013

Members present:

KG6SJT , Greg, EC
K6KN, Bill, AEC
K6WLS, Kenneth R, AEC
WS6Z, Wes, AEC
AG6QO, Joe
K6BIL, William
K7DWO, Bryce
N6JMS, James

ElDorado Skywarm:
KI6LMV, James
KJ6BDR, Scott
KJ6BDQ, Kurtis
N9RHG, Darren
KI6WDY, Jerry
KI6OBF, Jason

* Announcements:
- Our March meeting will be at Sutter Davis Hospital in Davis. Thanks to Bryce, K7DWO for setting this up. More information will be coming.

- We are still accepting comments and suggestions on the Yolo County ARES Binder.

- The packet station at Yolo EOC is up and running.
The packet is on 145.050. the mailbox name is “YCEOC” (you can connect via KBERR if necessary.

* New Business

Presentation on Skywarn by El Dorado Skywarn / ARES members N9RHG, Darren; KI6LMV, James; KJ6BDR, Scott; KJ6BDQ, Kurtis; and KI6WDY, Jerry gave an excellent presentation on Skywarn. Darrin, N9RHG was very involved with Skywarn in the Chicago area.

El Dorado Skywarn is in the process of setting up a Skywarn system similar to how it worked in the East. The idea is to get many of the surrounding ARES groups involved in spotting weather, checking in their report to net control, and then collecting the information from nets in various counties, finally passing that information to the National Weather Service in Sacramento.

More details from the presentation will be posted on this web page:
Photos and notes from the ARES meeting

At a future meeting Yolo ARES will discuss how we can become involved and support Skywarn.

El dorado Skywarn conducts a net every Thursday night at 7:00pm
147.825 MHz negative offset and a tone of 82.5

Yolo County ARES