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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 1/15/2013

Yolo County ARES Meeting, January 15, 2013

Members in attendance
Gary - WA6TQJ
Bill - K6BIL
Bryce K7DWO
Charlie - N6JOA
Rick N6KLB
Pam - N6OLO

* Gary, K6WLS, has been working with Yolo County EOC on MOU and helping
get the EOC station up and running.

Gary and Ken have been installing the radio and the TNC. This is should be completed in a week or two.

* Bryce, K7DWO, has been representing Yolo ARES at Yolo County Health,
working with the Hospitals and clinics in Yolo County. Pam, N7OLO, will be working with Gary representing UC Student Health.

Bryce said that Davis Sutter Hospital would like ARES members to come to the hospital and become familiar with their radio room. Bryce is working with them to host the March AR$ES meeting.

* Planning for 2013
We discussed planning for 2013 using the list of suggestions from members on the Annual ARES survey.

- Greg, Kg6SJT, and Ken, K6WLS, will conduct a presentation / workshop on using Outpost Packet Manager. We will continue to offer the portable packet systems for members to borrow and become familiar with.

- Greg, KG6SJT, will explore the possible use of Fldigi digital communication as this mode is being used in several neighboring counties.

- We will also create a list of possible FEMA training classes and possible conduct training on the selected classes as part of our meetings.

* Yolo County ARES Binder

Ken, K6WLS, and Greg, KG6SJT, collected materials for the ARES binder. Several members present at the January meeting asked to be added to the Dropbox folder containing the various sections of the binder and will be reviewing those files.

We need to decide which sections are essential for all new members to be familiar with.

* Announcement: At the February 19 2013 Yolo County ARES meeting,
Representatives from El Dorado Skywarn will give a presentation on

Yolo County ARES