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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 6/16/2005

ARES Meeting June 16, 2995

Members present:
KG6FJL, Darrin
KG6SJT, Greg

Dues were collected from Dan and Rick

New business

Darrin has set up a meeting with Red Cross on June 23rd
He will discuss the memo of understanding between ARRL
Darrin will try to set up a demo for them.. showing what ham radio can do.

There was a discussion regarding getting involved with SkyWarn
It was decided that we will go through YARS for the training.

There was a discussion of portable power supplies and portable equipment.

Darrin will talk to Dave Simmons about a bulk purchase Anderson powerpole connectors.

Rick’s tips!
- On the Yaesu radios.. if you push a microphone button.. you can see the frequencies.
- If you start getting a beep every time you key the microphone, you have hit the button to enable WIRES… hit the button again and it will go off

Next meeting bring your go kit.. – radios and batteries etc. We will see what everyone has

Darrin will make some portable park-on top-of mast bases. For Nvis Antennas

To charge backup batteries, a motorcycle trickle charger will do the trick
Rick will be working the Western States Endurance Run. He discussed how the event is run.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM

Yolo County ARES