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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 11/20/2012

Yolo County ARES
Meeting Meeting, November 20, 2012

Members Present:

1. Treasurer report (Bill, K6KN)
Currently, Yolo County ARES account has a balance of $555.02

A. Dues Report.

Dues for 2013 will be $25. It was decided that the annual dues are $25 a year for an individual membership, which also includes any immediate family member residing within your household.

2. Ken will track the costs to create ID cards this year and submit receipts. He has been funding this activity for several years.

3. Sign up for net Control and Message

The ARES calendar and the Google sign up sheet will be updated. We still need members to sign up for messages,

4. After Action Report on the California Health Drill Exercise
Gary, WA6TQJ, and Bryce, K7DWO, gave a through report on the activities at the hospitals and the EOC during the drill.

Please view the final documentation package at:


5. Discussion of how we can help agencies and organizations that need technical advice and installation of equipment that are beyond our capabilities. WA6TQJ, K6KN.

6. Automatic Mobile Power Control- Show and Tell

Ken, K6WLS, gave a great talk about the November 2012 QST project of building an Automatic Mobile Power Control. Many members immediately saw how this could be a valuable addition to their vehicle.

Yolo County ARES