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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 10/16/2012

Yolo County ARES
Meeting Agenda, October 17, 2012

(IC-6) Members in attendance
Bill K6KN
Gary - WA6TQJ
Rick N6KLB

Update on State of California Hospital Services Drill, November 15, 2012
Gary, WA6TQJ,
No directions or final plans for the statewide drill as yet.
Apparently groups involved are having issues getting people together.
It was noted that the there has been a request to remove the antenna from the UC Davis health Center

Currently we can staff 5 max positions in Yolo County

If the 900 mhz link is completed we may be able to link to Sacramento repeafters, but using the 145.450 repeater at UC DAvis, contact can be made to Sacramento

Event is currently scheduled for 5pm net on the 145.450 repeater with a pl on 203.5 on Nov 15th

We need to start our plans for the following events:
Cache Creek Ridge Ride May 11th 2013
Davis Double Century May 18th
Western States Endurance Run June 29/30
Tevis July 20/21
Field Day June 22/23

IFR Service Monitor Presentation Bill K6KN
Bill did a presentation on the IFR Service Monitor. This unit has a spectrum
Analyzer built in along with about 12 other different pieces of equipment. It has the
Capability to test and align transceivers and repeaters.
Very interesting presentation and well done.

* Rick N6KLB expressed a concern about the group's participation that may be needed with
the upcoming storm season (based on meeting participation).

Ideas for meetings:

Todd, KE6GCV, : Will check into a tour of the Yolo County emergency dispatch center

Drills offsite, with gps, fox hunts, maybe a dispatch drill.
We need to set up a calendar for the year and list upcoming activities.
Maybe send out a survey to all members to question or determine lack of interest in
Attending meetings and events.

Greg, KG6SJT, will set up speaker Kurtis, KJ6BDQ, from El Dorado Skywarn, to do a presentation in February.
Meetings in November and December are still both a go.

Photos of Bill, K6KN's ARES presentation on the IFR Service Monitor.

Yolo County ARES