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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 4/17/2012

Yolo County ARES Meeting minutes April 17, 2012

Members Present: KG6SJT, K6KN, K6WLS, WA6TQJ, WS6Z, K7DWO, N6KLB, KC0RQO

* Reports
Treasurer report (Bill, K6KN)
Bill reported that currently ARES has $235.00. There are several members that have not paid dues this year, so hopefully this amount will increase a bit.

• William Chin, KC0RQO, from Red Cross brought the MOU that Red Cross and Yolo County ARES have signed.

• Sign up for Net Control and message
Members signed up for net control and for the message. There are opening so if you haven't had the opportunity to give a message or be Net Control, sign up please

Up coming Net controls

4/23/2012 K6WLS WS6Z
4/30/2012 K6KN WA6TQJ
5/7/2012 KG6SJT ??
5/14/2012 K7DWO ??
5/21/2012 WS6Z N6KLB
5/28/2012 K6WLS KG6SJT
6/4/2012 K6KN WS6Z
6/11/2012 N6KLB K7DWO
6/18/2012 KG6SJT K6WLS

• New Business
1. Status of Police Station ground wire project
Ken, K6WLS, has purchased the needed lightening arrestor. Gary, Wa6TQJ, has the ground rod. All that is needed is for several members to assist in installing the grounding system. Contact Ken, or Gary.

2. Field Day at Fire station #33 (Gary, WA6TQJ)
Gary gave a report on the field day planning for at Fire Department station 33. He has figured out the costs involved, and and ARES members who which to participate with YARS will need to contribute $15 for the food and the porta-potties. YARS has agreed to contribute the major portion of the funds needed. Thank you Gary for making this happen!

3. Cache Creek Horse Ride May 12 Planning (Rick, N6KLB)
Rick give details of the Cache Creek Horse ride. Yolo ARES will be providing communications support for this event. He asked for volunteers to go to the ride site on Saturday, April 21 to do a radio survey.

-- NOTE: On Saturday, April 21, Rick, N6KLB, Wes, WS6Z, and Greg, KG6SJT did a survey of the horse ride site. We determined that if we set up net control at Cowboy Camp with an antenna at `15 feet, the other sites: Vet Checks 1, 2, and 3 and the intersection up on the hill can all reach reach net control.
Rick will develop our radio plan. If you haven't committed to working this event PLEASE DO SO.
A detailed plan will be emailed when Rick completes the radio plan. We are also hoping to test out packet radio at the sites on the event day.

4. Member's Binder (Wes WS6Z)
Wes announced that he has started the member's binder for Yolo ARES. He has set up a Google Docs collection for this purpose.
Currently this table of contents has these items:

Yolo ARES Information Binder
Table of Contents
Call Out Procedures A
Frequency List and Band Plan B
Contact Information C
Membership Roster
Served Agency Information
Neighboring ARES Information &
Sacramento Valley ARES leadership
Operating Procedures D
Net Control Script
Log Sheet
ICS-213 Form
Go kit check lists E
Radio and Technology
Emergency Operating Plan F
ARES Information M
Logging in to the website
Adding news, timesheets and training
Email List Information
Other Resources
Bylaws T

4. World War II field radios and the German Enigma cipher machine in Paris
(Bill, K6KN)
Bill, K6KN, gave a very interesting presentation on the German Enigma cipher machine and WW II field radios. It is amazing how technology has advanced!

the meeting adjourned at 8:30PM

Yolo County ARES