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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 2/21/2012

Yolo County ARES
Meeting Minutes, February 21, 2012

Members is attendance: KG6SJT, K6WLS, WS6Z, KI6BZR, N6JOA, N6KIX, N6KLB, N6OLO, W6KJX, WA6TQJ

1. Highlight from Status Reports by each AEC from our Project list

---> Greg, KG66SJT, EC:

* We now have a ARES packet net each Monday
* Conducted a Field Day at Fire Station 33 survey and gave to WA6TQJ
* the Wallet contact card should be finished Wed. Drafts will be sent out
* New backs of ID cards should be finished Wed.
* A draft for using packet is being worked on
* the Annual EC report has been send in and acknowledged
* Been working with Ken, K6WLS, and Bryce, K7DWO, on an equipment wish list. This will be useful for grants applications, and for offering suggestions to Hospitals and clinics.
* Greg has been working with Ken, K6WLS, on gathering materials for a Ka-Node on Berryessa Peak
* Ken, K6WLS, and I met with Bill Martin at Yolo OES.
`Bill will becoming to our next meeting March 20 to discuss OES and Yolo county ARES. He will discuss DSW cards and RACES.

---> Ken, K6WLS, AEC:

* Ken has put together several portable packet stations that can be loaned out to members to learn packet/ digital communication. Contact Ken if you are willing to give it a try.
* Working through a list of wish equipment for a Walmart Grant with Bryce
* Exploring installing a KA-=Node at Berryessay Peak
* Working on a packet training manual
* Insurance- Ken contacted Marsh and for $300 we can get liability insurance.

---> Bill, K6KN, AEC:

Bill is working on an accounting system for ARES. ARES currently has $330.00 available. That you to all who have paid dues.

---> LaVonne, K6LAV, AEC:

* LaVonne contacted William Chin regarding Red Cross classes Yolo ARES members need to work with Red Cross: Disaster Services Overview, and Shelter Operations. CPR is not required but it is highly advisable

---> Wes, WS6Z, AEC:

* Wes has completed two new mailing lists for Yolo ARES: yoloares-news@yoloares.org, and an ARES only email address just for Yolo ARES members.

* Wes and Todd have been working on a our band plan. At the meeting there was a discussion about the channel numbers and how the list of frequencies is displayed. Wes and Todd will revise the band plan to list ARES frequencies together for those who don't want to program in all the channels in the band plan. The complete list will offer a suggested channel range grouping of all frequencies.

---> Gary, WA6TQJ, AEC:

* Gary has contacted the Davis fire chief and the YARS group[ regarding field Day at station 33. YARS has earmarked $300.
* Gary is completing a MOU with Red Cross
* Gary, Ken, Greg, and Rob will meeting the the assistant police chief in Davis regarding the antenna grounding at the police station
* Gary ran the February 20 net from fire station 33. Great simplex coverage after the net. He suggested that anyone working the fire stations have headphone. There is almost no desk space at Station 33- they installed a computer there.
* Gary has been working with UCDARC. They may have an exercise on Picnic Day.
* October 14 is the Princess Promenade

Other notes

---> Net Control operators and Message givers. Several members signed up at the meeting. Lots of spaces to sign up for for the next few months.

---> Reminder: Mark you calendar
Bill Martin from Yolo County OES will talk to the group at the March 20, 2012 meeting.

The meeting ended at 8:30 PM

Yolo County ARES