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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 11/15/2011

Yolo ARES Meeting
November 15, 2011
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Rick N6KLB
Bill K6BIL
Rick N6KLB
Wes WS6Z
Quoc (unlicensed guest)

Acting Chair Greg (KG6SJT) welcomed guest Quoc Tran, the Youth Program Coordinator for the Red Cross. Quoc is interested in ARES and ham radio.

Ham Licensing Exam
The next local ham licensing exam will be held on December 10 at the LDS Church on Cottonwood and Gum Streets in Woodland. Exams start at 7:30 a.m. and walk-ins are welcome. Wes (WS6Z) reported that test takers can go to WS6Z.com and find links to a variety of practice tests.

Packet Station
Rick (N6KLB) and Greg (KG6SGT) have obtained all the necessary parts for the packet station. They are still working on a small problem with the monitor that connects to the computer. The frequency for the packet station is 145.630. It is anticipated that we may be able to place a packet node at the Berryessa repeater site.

ARES Radio Room at Woodland Red Cross Office
Unfortunately, the radio station at the Woodland Red Cross office was dismantled by new Red Cross staff who apparently were not aware that the area was reserved for ARES. The table, owned by an ARES member, was discarded and ARES equipment was stacked in a corner. It was suggested that a sign reading “ARES Only” be posted at the station when it is reassembled. Rob and Gary both reported they may have adequate replacements for the table / desk area. Will KC0RQO reported that the Red Cross is now setting up a special area dedicated to ARES; and he said this is a primary focus for the Red Cross. He stated that he is anxious to begin collaborating more with ARES and including ARES in Red Cross shelter drills.

Todd reported that Genentech has some useable computers that are being discarded. He will check to see if Genentech is able to donate any to ARES.

Red Cross Training for Yolo ARES Members
Will (KC0RQO) reported that the Red Cross would like ARES members to go through Red Cross training and background checks so they can work within the Red Cross shelters. It was noted that ARES members did this in 2007 but Red Cross did not follow through, stating that there still needed to be a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Red Cross and ARES. So this needs to be followed up on, also. Will (KC0RQO) will look into the MOU issue and discuss it with Darrin (K9RTY). Will stated he will then make chapter ID’s for all ARES members; he needs a complete member list (including name and date of birth). LaVonne will send Will a list of the current ARES members, including their e-mail addresses.

ARES Non-profit Incorporation
Members discussed the possible benefits of ARES obtaining nonprofit incorporation, such as 501(c)(3). Benefits could be legal liability protection for members and may also the non-profit status may encourage donations of equipment and dollars to Yolo ARES for emergency communication purposes as a tax benefit could apply to the donor. Further investigation is needed on the issue of nonprofit incorporation. ARRL has information on this topic available as well as an insurance package that may be worth looking into. Yolo ARES will need a checklist of requirements and Wes (WS6Z) will follow-up with that. Greg will check with ARRL about this issue. A report will be made at the next Yolo ARES meeting.

Yolo ARES Treasurer
Discussion ensued about the benefit of having an official Yolo ARES Treasurer. Motion was made, seconded and carried that “Bill (K6KN) assumes the role of Yolo ARES Treasurer.” (Unanimous)

Yolo ARES dues are due in January.

Batteries Available
Darrin (K9RTY) has quite a few 12 Volt 7.2 UPS batteries that are in great shape but were scheduled to be recycled. Several members expressed interest in obtaining some. Greg (KG6SJT) took the list and will follow-up with Darrin.

Resignation of Yolo ARES EC
Darrin (K9RTY) will resign as Yolo ARES EC effective December 31. Discussion held regarding the roles and responsibilities of the EC position and possible replacement. Greg (KG6SJT)and Rick (N6KLB) both expressed that they may be interested in taking over this position; they will meet with Darrin prior to the next ARES meeting, further discuss roles and responsibilities of the EC and, between the three of them, determine who should be recommended to fill this important position.

Equipment Show and Tell
Bill (K6KN) brought and showed his Rig Expert AA-54 antennae analyzer. The price is approximately $320. He will be demonstrating it at the next YARS meeting.

Adjournment and Next Meeting
The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. The next meeting of Yolo ARES will be December 20th at the Red Cross office at 120 Court Street, Woodland. Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by
AEC LaVonne (K6LAV)

Yolo County ARES