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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 10/18/2011

Yolo ARES Meeting
October 18, 2011
7:00 to 8:10 p.m.

Members Present
K6KN, Bill
K7DWO, Bryce
KE6GCV, Todd
KG6SJT, Greg
N6KIX, Rob
N6KLB, Rick
KC0RQO, Will

Old Business

There was a discussion of the Red Cross Winlink RMS packet station.
We now have a computer (N6KLC), a monitor (KG6SJT), TNC(K6WLS).
The station is coming together. K7DWO is going to check if he has a UPS that we could use to operate the station. WE have most of the parts, Rick is collecting everything and and Rick, Greg, and Ken will get together when we have the necessary parts and install it.

Todd, KE6GCV noted that William Chin, of Red Cross has given us the OK to install the packet station. He noted that we should contact Vicky at Red Cross to let them know what we are up to.

New Business

Rick, N6KLB gave a report on the Tevis Ride. He noted that there was too uch snow at the beginning of the ride in Squaw Valley, so the ride started in Auburn and looped back to Auburn. It was a faster race as there was 10,000 less feet in elevation!. Rick was stationed at Peach Stone. Just outside of his station, a horse fell off the cliff. The horse and the rider were rescued.

Report on the foxy Fall Bike Race
Several ARES members participated by providing communications for the Foxy Fall Bike Race.

Rob, N6KIX, was stationed at Lunch in Winters. He mentioned that noise was a factor as there were many, many riders at this rest stop.

Rick, N6KLB, was stationed at Lake Solano. Rick that there was one fatality during the race. A rider fell while going down hill near Fairfield.

Gary, WA6TQJ noted that he sagged more riders this year. He had 11.

Lu, W6KJX and Greg KG6SJT noted at the Cantelow Fire Station Rest Stop it was very crowed with riders leaving their bikes everywhere.

* Rob, N6KIX told us that he has a 2 meter repeater available. It needs some work and a new controller, but it is available.

Rob also mentioned that he was able to obtain several batteries and chargers and he is planning to make up several portable batteries to go in small tool boxes. Darrin noted that funds are available for incidental parts he may need to purchase.

* Darrin, K9RTY, said that he was able to get a fair number of UPS batteries that were going to be recycled. He is going to work with Rick, N6KIX, to see how these batteries can best be used by Yolo ARES.

* Darrin, K9RTY mentioned that the Orin meteor shower is going on. Get for radio communications as the meteor tails are rather long.

** Darrin, K9RTY announced that this is his last year as EC. He will retire from the EC position on December 31.

Between NOW and December 31 we will have to select a new Yolo County ARES Emergency Coordinator.

If you are interested in stepping up and taking on this important role, please contact Darrin kg6fjl@gmail.com.

Darrin said that he will be contacting a few members to see if they would be interested in the EC position.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15

Yolo County ARES