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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 6/21/2011

Yolo County ARES Monthly meeting minutes, June 20, 2011

Members in attendance:
Bill Ragsdale, K6KN
Greg Kruckewitt, KG6SJT
Bryce Birkman, K7DWO
Todd Root, KE6GCV
Charles Porter, N6JOA
Rob Brunk, N6KIX
Rick Littlefield, N6KLB
Gary Matteson, WA6TQJ


* Bryce, K7DWO, informed the group that he has completed the NEW ARRL EC01 Emergency Communications course. He felt that it was low level training, but it had lots (75+) activities, and he found those valuable. There was discussions about the value of the course. Several members also brought up that they felt that ARRL's decision to be a full ARES member requires you to take a $50 course. They felt this wasn't right. Bryce brought with him a print out the activities and many of those were similar to the previous required activities, but there are several updated ones to match the new curricula.

* Red Cross Status
WE had hoped that William Chin, Emergency Services Coordinator
Yolo/Sacramento Counties, would be able to make our meting, but at the last minute he had to attend a function for Red Cross.
There was a discussion and many questions regarding the regional Red Cross model and Yolo ARES and How do we fit in?

Several questions came up was if there is an emergency:

1. Would Yolo ARES have access to the radio station that we have set up at the Chapter house in Woodland.

2. Who will be contacting Yolo ARES if Red Cross would like ARES to be activated? Do they know how to contact Yolo ARES?

3. What role does Yolo ARES fulfill under the the new regional model of Red Cross?

Mr. Chin emailed that he hopes to make the next Yolo ARES meeting.

We also discussed that we need to foster the relationship with Davis CERT and the Davis Fire Department. The new Fire Chief is very familiar with Ham operators and emergencies and would like us to be more involved with emergency communications. Gary, WA6TQJ, noted that it is possible that next year, with planning, it is possible that Field Day could be at one of the fire stations. He has a complete site plan developed.

* Field Day Logging
Gary, WA6TQJ, gave a very through presentation on the logging software (N3FKJP- http://www.n3fjp.com/) that will be used on Field Day. Dave, W6OT is setting this up for the group.

Bill, K6KN, noted some of the neat features that this logging software has.

Gary also gave a description of the new field day site.

* It was noted that John K6JRB is looking for volunteers for the 10 July Armstrong Foundation Bike Ride.
It was pointed out that this race is a non profit so it won't be a problem for amateurs working on it.

* Bill, K6KN, had a question about raising an Cushcraft R8 antenna. Members offered their suggestion to make this activity successful.

The meeting ended at 8:30

Yolo County ARES