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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 2/16/2005

Yolo ARES meeting February 16, 2005

Members present:
KG6FJL , Darrin, EC
AA6MR, Linda, AEC
KF6SNF, Clayton, AEC

KA6VBR, Garry

New business:

We need to select a treasurer. Darrin will do this temporarily.

Darrin talked about Yolo ARES to Garry and explained our purpose and what we are trying to do.

We need to select a new AEC as Linda and Clay are moving

The noon net needs to ahve a representative from yylo ARES to check in a few times a week:

Every day at 12:00 PM .
Repeater call sign W6AK.
If you are west of West Sacramento tune to 442.800 pl 100Hz
If you are closer to Sacramento tune to 146.910 pl 100 Hz or the 440 will work.

Need some handouts for information night. Anything on the ARRL site?

Thomas Rominger from the Madison fire department, provided BLS CPR and AED refresher course.

CPR Overview

The meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM

Yolo County ARES