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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 5/17/2011

Yolo ARES monthly meeting, May 17, 2011

Members in attendance:
Darrin, K9RTY
Greg, KG6SJT
Wes, WS6Z
Bryce, K7DWO
Todd, KE6GCV
Charles, N6JOA
Rob, N6KIX
Rick, N6KLB
Pam, N6OLO
James, W6JSC
Gary, WA6TQJ

Will, KC0RQO


* Darrin, K9RTY, reported that he met with Bill Weisgerber, the City of Davis / UC Davis Fire Chief. The Chief is interested in developing training with CERT and ARES. He offered Fire Station 33 for field day, however, this year field day plans have already been made to for Rominger Ranch outside of Winters. If the station is available next year, it would be a good location for field day as it would be easy for the public to attend and learn about amateur radio and ARES.

* Gary, WA6TQJ, give a detailed report on planning for field day. His current plans include a site plan and a detailed list of equipment, and supplies needed to make field day a success.

There was discussion pof locations for the various stations.
Field Day is June 25, 26.
If you are interested in attending field day or helping with setup, contact Gary: gcmatteson@ucdavis.edu

* Wes, WS6Z, distributed the LMR 400 coax that members had ordered. He then presented plans and instructions for a Roll-up J-pole antenna. Several members took advantage of the materials that Wes brought to the meeting to start building this great project.

Although time was short, several member made great headway on their own construction.

A few photos are available at:

Rollup J-pole Antenna Building Project

Yolo County ARES