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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 11/16/2010

Yolo ARES Meeting
November 16, 2010
7:00 to 8:20 p.m.

Darrin, K9RTY, Yolo ARES EC
Bill, K6KN
Gary, WA6TQJ
Todd, KE6GCV
Greg, KG6SJT

Katie Kelsch, Yolo County Red Cross
Mike Dwonch, DST Yolo County Red Cross

Katie discussed the Tabletop exercise Shake Out.
She mentioned that at the exercise the County discussed that they would like everyone in the EOC to get their Ham License.

Darrin said that if they were interested, Yolo ARES could assist in setting up a class and arranging a FCC tests session.

Katie also mentioned that Yolo ARES is mentioned in the county emergency response plans as available to provide emergency communications.

Darrin noted that ARES is there for Red Cross. We do have set up antennas at The Davis fire stations, and ARES members if needed for communications will bring their own radios.

Katie and Darrin will be meeting to go over the MOU with Red Cross and also issues of of Red Cross IDs an accreditation.

We will also be working on designing an ARES / Red Cross tabletop exercise.
Katie would like to invite Phil Davis, a former fire chief, from Sacramento.

Katie mentioned that she is doing a shelter survey. Apparently, Yolo County is listed as having a shelter in China (no doubt a mistake), but Katie said she was going to email Wes, WS6Z, who is currently at a conference in China, to see if he could find where the supposed shelter is.. Just for fun.

It was decided that the December Yolo County ARES meeting will be cancelled as it would occur on December 21.

Mike and Katie both expressed interest in obtaining their ham License at the test sesson that Ken Wilson, K6WLS, has set up on December in Davis.

Darrin noted that Yolo ARES will ask Ken, K6WLS, to purchase 4 ARRL technician manuals that we could loan out to people that are interested in obtaining their technician license.

Katie said that Yolo County Red Cross will be helping host a Western States Disaster Training in Sacramento sometime in June or July. This will be a three day training conference. She said that there may be some training / teaching opportunities for Yolo ARES. She is going to check with the Red Cross Sacramento area RTT for more information.

Gary, WA6TQJ, will be emailing Katie the contact information for the RTT trainer he knows in Sacramento.

The next meeting of the Yolo county ARES will be January 18. Have a great holiday!

Yolo County ARES