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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 7/20/2010

Darrin (K9RTY)
LaVonne (K6LAV)
Todd (KE6GCV)
Rob ((k6KIX)
Rick (N6KLB)
Gary (WA6TQJ)

Darrin (K9RTY) provided a report on the status of the Davis Fire Department call out list. He has been in communication with Rowland at the Davis Fire Department. How assignments will be made is yet to be determined.

LaVonne (K6LAV) reported on the June 24th EVAC drill at the Woodland Memorial Hospital. ARES resources were utilized. Crews from the Woodland, Davis, UC Davis, Willow Oak, West Sacramento and Yocha Dehe Fire Departments responded to Woodland Memorial Hospital to participate in the Emergency Victims Assistance Collaboration, an exercise scenario depicting a hospital fire and calling for a large-scale patient evacuation. Red Cross was activated to send Disaster Assistance Teams (DAT) to set up a Rehabilitation tent with water and food for the fire crews. Yolo County Red Cross called up Yolo County ARES to provide communications between the staging area and the Rehabilitation sites. Ken (K6WLS) James (W6JSC), and Greg (KG6SJT), supported Red Cross at the E.V.A.C. Exercise. Radio communications included several ICS-213 messages requisitioning additional resources and tactical messages between Net Control, The Red Cross Rehabilitation sites, and the staging area. It was an excellent training exercise for Yolo ARES.

Todd (KE6GCV) reported on the status of the Tevis Cup scheduled for July 24 & 25 near Lake Tahoe. All radio volunteer roles have been filled. Other volunteers are still being recruited. If interested additional information is at www.teviscup.org.

Gary (WA6TQJ) reported on the UCD ARC repeater and antenna system being donated to UCD by the KDVS.

Darrin (K9RTY) and Gary (WA6TQJ) toured the Vet Med Radio System assembled by Charlie (N6JOA) at the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital. Also viewed the radio-equipped van that was donated for use as a Veterinary Emergency Vehicle that was provided by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Net Control and Practice Message Sign Up
ARES members are encouraged to sign up for Net Control and Practice Message. The sign up log is posted on Google Docs. Email LaVonne (K6LAV) at LaVonne23@aol.com if you need instructions on how to access the Net Control log on Google Docs.

The next ARES meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 17 at 7:00 p.m. at the Yolo County Red Cross Chapter in Woodland.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Yolo County ARES