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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 11/18/2004

Yolo ARES meeting November 18, 2004

Darrin, EC, KG6FJL
Linda, AEC, AA6MR
Greg, KG6SJT

Steve, N6XVS
Bob, KG6NZJ;

Introductions by Darrin
Overview of Yolo ARES

Question: what does ARES do?
ARES serves organizations such the Red Cross in times of disasters.

RACES serves local/federal government

Our client is the public..
We are practicing and training so that we get to the point where if we are needed, we will be ready.

At the Davis Picnic Day, the Red Cross van will be there for a YARS/ YOLO ARES display. More information will follow

Old business

There was mention of 60 meters being opened up – it is channelized.


Tonight's program is radiograms

The ARES section EC , David Thorne, K6SOJ,, is encouraging the use of radiograms, so we will start training and practicing.

Darrin went over each the part of the radiogram.

There will be practice messages on the net on Monday.

NTS is separate from ARES and RACES
The guys that do the NTS are really good at this.

There are NTS nets in Chico, Sacramento and up north.

Darrin noted that ARRL numbered messages aren’t used so much now. A few years ago there was a fellow in Louisiana was sued because an improperly formatted message was delivered.

The meeting ended 8:55 PM

Yolo County ARES