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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 4/20/2010

ARES Meeting
April 20, 2010 - 7:00 p.m. to 8:20 p.m.

Darrin (K9RTY)
Gary (WA6TQJ)
LaVonne (K6LAV)
Greg (KG6SJT)
Wes (WS6Z)
Todd (KE6GCV)
Rick (N6KLB)
Steve (WA6HAM)

Emergency Communications Leadership Conference
Darrin (K9RTY) reported that the Ham Radio Leadership Conference is next weekend in Browns Valley. Darrin, Wes (WS6Z), and Gary (WA6TQJ) will attend. Darrin will send an email invite to Yolo ARES members not present at tonight’s meeting.

Sunday, April 25th – Bike Race from Davis, through Berryessa to Napa / Santa Rosa area. This is a late notice but ARES members who wish to participate by providing radio communications should do so. John Berg of the Davis Bike Club is the key contact. Todd (KE6GCV) will participate.

May 15th is the David Double Century. Radio communications and SAG are needed. Rick (N6KLB) will forward an informational email to ARES members.

June 26-27 – Western States Endurance Run – radio operator help is needed. If interested additional information is at www.ws100.com/comm.

July 24-25 – Tevis Cup -- radio operator help is needed. If interested additional information is at www.teviscup.org.

June 26-27 is Field Day. Yolo ARES may plan an event at either Davis Fire Station 33 or at the Yolo Red Cross in Woodland.

Mapping Project:
Wes (WS6Z) provided copies of the maps project which includes topo and APRS information. The maps will be reproduced for ARES members when completed.

Field event for Yolo ARES will be planned to confirm mapping and radio coverage in the area. The date for this event will be determined later.

Greg (KG6SJT) requested that all Yolo ARES members utilize the new online form to track and report their volunteer time. This will automate the required monthly reporting of all Yolo ARES members’ volunteer time to ARRL. Each time you perform any ARES activities, log your time on a Timesheet at http://www.yoloares.org/members/managers/timesheets/Add.asp. Log all of your volunteer ham radio times even if they are not Yolo ARES related. However, if the time is ARES related, then check the Yolo ARES Sponsored Time checkbox.

Gary (WA6TQJ) is providing net operator training class at the Emergency Communications Leadership Conference to demonstrate how net control works in an emergency operation. He previewed his presentation at today’s meeting and members provided feedback.

Katie Kelsch, Yolo County Red Cross’s new Emergency Services Director, will be invited to attend the May ARES meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Yolo County ARES