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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 10/21/2004

Yolo ARES meeting October 21, 2004

Members attending:
Darrin, KG6FJL, EC; Linda, AA6MR - AEC; Clayton - AEC, KF6SNF; Clayton, KF6WLC; Greg, KG6SJT; Bob, KA9MDP; Nick, KG6PIP

Information from Darrin:

- Sacramento Valley Traffic net
2100 local (98:00 PM) 146.850 PL 110.9

- Clinton will find out ore information about the Sacramento Traffic net from Gary, WA6TQJ, and let us know.

- Darrin will email us the info on the regional Emcomm nets updates.

- Sacramento RACES net Every Monday 147.195 PL 123 7:00 pm
All ARES members can check in.

- ISS has been set up on 437.800 up 145.800 down
The space station is using tape measure antennas

- Reed Thompson, Madison Fire Department, has offered to teach fire technology training.
- Darrin will also look into a refresher for CPR

- Darrin will look getting disposable CPR masks in bulk.

There was a discussion of the YARS special Event station.. maybe during the Almond Festival.. Darrin mentioned that the Almond Festival is often a zoo.

Other options might be the “Flower Train” on the Jepson Prairie- maybe at the Old Power Mill.

For ARES.. maybe a special event at Picnic day.. tied in with the UCD fire department.

There was discussion of maybe seeing if the Emergency communication vehicles from Sacramento or Red Cross come—either as a special events station or as a static display.

For YARS.. maybe have something at Community Park on the 4th of July.

Clinton and Bob will talk to Dave about setting up a meeting soon.

Linda and Clayton will work on getting information in the newspapers.

Darrin will get the info about the net corrected on the Emcomm web site..

We should all try to get into the Sacramento Valley Net and maybe do something next Monday.

Update on Hybrid Emcomm courses.. Linda is still trying get information about offering the courses.

There was discussion about CERT training. Darrin will continue to try to get information on this.

The meeting ended at 9:30 PM

Yolo County ARES