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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 7/14/2004

Yolo ARES meeting July 14, 2004

Members attending:
Linda,- AA6MR,; Clay, KF6SNF; Darrin, KG6FJL; James, KG6HSD; Greg, KG6SJT

Darrin, handed out copies of the ARRL message forms. He has more info from David Thorne.. BUT his hard drive crashed.

It was suggested that everyone obtain a copy of the ARRL Operating manual.

Overview of message handling

Number: first of the month #1—or by year.
Precedence: : Routine R, Welfare message W, Priority P not emergency.. but time sensitive, and EMERGENCY (Emergency is ALWAYS spelled out)

HX (not always used)- how it is delivered. (look this up)

Station of origin: NEVER changes.

Check: word count: never changes.. add a slash if your word count doesn’t match the original

Place of origin NEVER changes

Time filed-- UTC.. OR if emergencies are local. use PST (local time)


--- On the word count.. we need to keep the word count to 25 words.

In the operating manual.. they count the phone number… BUT in the emergency manuals.. it doesn’t count.. Dartrin will research.

NEVER change a message.

If you miss a word.. you can ask for everything aftyer.. , before, between.

If you get lost while taking a message.. STOP and ask for a FILL..

We will post the proper lesson when Darrin’s Harddrive is fixed.

More info will be discussed on Monday’s net.

We have some information on the Yolo ARES web site:
Message handling links

Note to greg : add the Message handling pdf to the Yolo ARES web site.

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