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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 4/15/2008

Meeting Agenda for Tuesday, April 15, 2008
1900 Hours – Red Cross Building – Court Street
Woodland, CA

1. Call to Order and Introduction (Darrin Ogletree)

Members present:

KG6FJL , Darrin,EC
K6WLS, Kenneth R, AEC
KG6GNI, William , AEC
K6JAC, Jack
K6KN, Bill
K6LAV, LaVonne
KE6GCV, Todd
KF6HHH, Daniel
KI4DTN, Jessica
KI6OBC, Blanche
KI6OBF, Jason
KI6PEJ, Ruth
KI6PFR, Diana
N6KIX, Rob
N6KLB, Rick
WA6TQJ, Gary
WS6Z, Wes

2. Approval of Minutes from last meeting

---> Miutes Approved

3. Treasurer’s Report

- Account Balance ($406.75)
- Expenditures ($100.00)

4. Davis Fire Department Communication Backup
--> Darrin will be meeting with the Chief Arpil 18

5. NET Control Assignments

- April 21 – W6KJX
- April 28 – Ws6Z
- May 5 – KG6GJL
- May 12 – KG6SJT
- May 19 - KF6HHH

6. Discussion on ARES Incorporation - Options
---> this item was discussed, but more information is needed before we can make decisions

7. First Aid and CPR Training

----> No action was taken on this item at this time

8. Old Business

- Antennas and Installation
--- ken, bill, and Gary have been involved in getting antennas up at Red Cross!

9. New Business
- Date for next ARES Meeting – May 20, 2008.

10. Training
---> K6WLD and KG6SJT conducted a training session on the NTS message form.

11. Adjournment

Yolo County ARES