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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 3/18/2008

1. Meeting was called to order at 1900 hours.

2. Meeting minutes of Feb. 19 were approved.

3. I.D. cards were passed out to any members that did not already receive
them. If not present, any remaining members will be mailed their cards.

4. An account balance of approx. $400 was reported in the treasurer's

5. Members are reminded to update their personnel file on the ARES website.

6. Davis Fire Department communication Backup:
A tour was conducted for ARES of the three Davis Fire Stations. The plan
is to have an ARES station at the Fire Houses to support them in case of
an emergency. Furthur discussions will be held with Fire Dept. as to our
needs, and what they can provide. At least one person should attend the
City Emergency Plannung Meeting (Date?)

7. Remaing work on the Red Cross Staion:
-The wi-fi connection in the building appears to be ok.
-Antenna install (G5RV) in progress.
-Bottled water is available at R/C.
-There is generator hook-up already in the breaker box at R/C. We have to
determine what circuits are connected to that hook-up.
-Rob will check on the availability of a used Emergency lighting set-up.
-Gary will propose a finished layout of the station.
-As to cleaning up and clearing Waite Hall, the new manager has to be

8. First Aid and CPR Training: Working on setting up class for ARES.

9. The Next ARES meeting will be on April 15.

10. Net Control Assignments:

March 24 KG6FJL
March 31 KE6GCV
April 7 N6KIX
April 14 N6KLB

11. Meeting was adjourned at 1945 Hours.

Yolo County ARES