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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 1/15/2008

1. Introductions

Members present:
KG6FJL , Darrin, EC
K6WLS, Kenneth R, AEC
KG6GNI, William , AEC
K6KN, Bill
KE6GCV, Todd
KI4DTO, Christof
KI6NQU, LaVonne
N6KIX, Rob
N6KLB, Rick
WA6TQJ, Gary

We have the following new members!
KI4DTN, Jessica
KI4DTO, Christof
KI6NQU, LaVonne

Guest: Jason (he's taking his test this weekend! Good luck)

2. Assign Net Controls for
January 21 K6WLS
January 28 KG6SJT
February 4 N6KLB
February 11 K6KN
February 18 KG6GNI

3. Annual Dues, $25.00 (Due were collected from many members present)

4. Approve payment of Solar Panel for BARK repeater to Bill, KG6GNI
Approve payment of $50 to renew Domain and web hosting for Yolo ARES
web site to KG6SJT ($50)


5. Reports on Yolo ARES Response during flooding/Power outage
What worked? What do we need to improve?

It was noted that the we did not follow our call out procedures. It was suggested that at the first sign that there MAY be problems, we should have contacted each member and gave them a heads up. Also, we should have made hourly announcements as to our status.

We need to update our band plan to 2 meter frequencies ( it still contains 440 information). We need to follow our stardard call out procedures. KI6NQW, Wes suggested we announce on Frequency every hour our status. this would be similar to the wilderness protocal. He mentioned that he missed a Davis CERT call out because his phone didn't work during the power outage.

It was also noted that cell phones became unusable at times during the power outage, and that many of us didn't have the necessary: fuel, batteries, clothing, and basic survival gear at hand. THIS WAS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE for everyone.

Some conclusions: Keep your gas tank at least half full of fule, keep your batteries charged, have emergency food, water, clothing, and emergency supplies READILY at hand. Have extra fuel and batteries readily at hand. Know the ARES call out procedures for call out. FOLLOW the SOP!

6. It has been suggested that ARES purchase a small generator (Honda EU
If each member helped collect a portion of the money it would not
adversely impact the budget. Stirling May has offered to work with us on
theprice to help out some. Vote on generator and determine best method to
raise the capitol.

the purchase of a generator was tabled to a later date. K6KN, Bill noted that he used one of these generators at a Boy Scout event. He said on HF he was getting a lot of hash.. He didn't have the time to test and find out if the HF noise was from the generator or the cables etc. He suggested that before we buy a generator, we test it on HF.

KG6FJL also questioned if our money might be better spent purchasing batteries and chargers that are dispersed to various members so that the power is decentralized. THERE will be more discussion on these ideas.

7. Vote on moving ARES station to Yolo County Red Cross Chapter House
- A work party will be needed to move current antennas, and materials
to Red Cross chapter house. discuss possible dates.

The members agreed that this would be a good idea. Red Cross was contacted Wednesday and we will be meeting at Red Cross for our next meeting. Details will follow, but it looks like we will be able to keep our third Tuesday of the month meeting dates.

8. Purchase of a G5RV for ARES station

This discussion was tabled until further study of the needs of the Red Cross Chapter House and their availale equipment is finalized

9. Discussion on getting PR for Yolo ARES.

PLEASE EMAIL DARRIN, kg6fjl@gmail.com, YOUR INVOLVMENT WITH THE YOLO COUNTY POWER OUTAGE. He wants to get Yolo ARES some PR. We did a fine job, we just need to get a complete report.

10. CPR / first aid re-certification.

Darrin will be checking with his contact for AHA CPR/AED certification. We will explore getting Red Cross certification.

11. Red Cross Response Technology (Gary, WA6TQJ)

Gary talked about the newly forming Technology Response division of the Yolo Red Cross. He is looking to recruit technology folks that are highly skilled for positions in the RT group.

12. Discussion on what each person needs in their Radio Response kit
Discussion starters: Batteries, jumper cables, connectors, electrical;
tape, wire cutters, Strippers / crimpers, scotch locks. butt connectors..

Check the Yolo ARES web sites for ideas

Email kg6fjl@gmail.com other ideas and bring them to the next meeting.

13. Rob is ordering Power Pole connectors and members need to give him a
count that they want-- the more we purchase the better the price break.

Contact Rob, N6KIX, if you need powerpoles or wire.

14. Adjournment

Yolo County ARES