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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 5/27/2004

Yolo ARES BBQ meeting. May 27, 2004

Members present:
Darrin- KG6FJL; Linda- AA6MR, Clay- KF6SNF, Clinton- KF6WLC, Rick- N6KLB, Julia- KG6OYS, Nick- KG6PIP, Greg- KG6SJT

Welcome to Julia, KG6OYS our newest member.

The meeting started with a terrific BBQ! Thank you Linda and Clay!

Darrin lead a discussion of the Radio Mapping project.
Mapping will be on June 12, at 8:00 AM

- Darrin believes we could put antennas at the Rumsey Fire Department (he is a mechanic for the fire department).

- We may need a cross band mobile unit inthe Rumsey area for communications.

- It was decided that Darrin will stay at his station which is in the middle of the mapping project, and the other members will fan out from there and determine if we can contact him.

Clinton will go north to Knights Landing and Zamora

Clay and Linda will go south-to Clarksburg, West Sacramento

They will check the fire departments first

At a later date, we will check radio coverage from the levees.

Darrin will email a list of frequencies to check- both repeater and simplex.

Darrin will loan Clinton a 6 meter mag mount antenna.. and a coax switch

Darrin, Linda, and Clay went to EMCOMM West and talked about the program.

Darrin thought it was OK.. but it was better last year. He talked about the ARRL proposal for digital communications and the internet. There is concern that if this proposal is implemented.. that the governement might eventually take some of the ham frequencies away and sell them.

Linda talked about a session that she attended on BPL. It was mentioned that we should write our congressman. The best way is to HANDWRITE a note and send it to the local congress member's office. This give your message a chance of being read by the right people.

Darrin mentioned that David Thorne is retiring and we will be getting a new SEC.

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