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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 5/15/2007

1. The meeting was called to order at 1914 hrs.

Members in attendance:


2. The minutes of the April 17, 2007 meeting were approved.

3. Treasurer's report:
Account balance...$625.00
Expenditures......Bill for power strips, First aid Kit not submitted as yet.
Dues..............Most everyone is paid up, have to I.D. those not current.

4. Remaing work on Radio Shack...
Ground wire installation...On going, Rick needs a crew to assist.
Desks...Two on site.
Packet TNC's...Rob working on these. Currently working with HT's, but not
the base units.
Dedicated 2 meter antenna for packet radio...Rob Has one that will be
Donated Computer...The TNC operating program is installed and will be
checked out once the equipment is up and on site.
Wireless internet access...Lonnie is working on the hookup.
First Aid kit...on site
Water...(bottled) is on site.
Fire extinguisher...on site.
Practice Operation...Ken has talked to Diana (Red Cross) and will
scheduled at al later date.
File Boxes...Needed to control amount of paperwork now on site.

5. Old Business...
Vests...Distributed at meeting (Thanks Ken!)
EOP.....Distributed at meeting. Thanks to the EOP committee for all their
effort and hard work!
Winters Emergency Preparedness Fair...Darrin and Ken represented Yolo ARES
and said it went well. The Police and Fire want to get a class
together at a later date.
Antenna at Fair grounds...To be determined.

6.New business:
Classes...Bill will teach classes on Electronics, and Meters. This is to
be in conjunction with a V.E. session on the Technician License.
Time to be considered is on Saturdays, 8:30 to Noon.
Antenna Workshops...Maybe a J-Pole, date to be June 15 at Waite Hall.
Field Day...no plans as of yet.
Fairground Badges...Equipment not working as of yet.

7. NCS assignments:
21 May...Bob, KI6BZR
28 May...Bill, KG6GNI
04 June..Gary, WA6TQJ
11 June..Greg, KG6SJT
18 June..Bill, KG6GNI
25 June..Lu, KI6FDG

8. Meeting was adjourned at 1957 Hrs.

Yolo County ARES