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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 4/17/2007

Yolo ARES Meeting April 17, 2007

1. Call to Order and Introduction Bill KG6GNI

2. Members present:

3. Treasurer’s Report

This report was not available as KG6FJL was not able to attend the meeting. Darrin will email this information to members.

4. Remaining Work on Radio Shack Discussion and status

*  Ground wire installation (Who, when and what do we
  Rick, N6KLB, reported that he looked up the code and we need #10 wire. We will be setting up a work day in the next month to get the ground wire installed. Rick is busy the next several weekends.
*  Cabinet (do we need it?)

It was decided that we don't need the cabinet. Bill will let Lonny know.

*  Desks (delivered by Ken, KI6BWM thanks Ken -
  donated by PG&E).
  A Thank You letter has been sent to PG&E
*  Power supply normal and emergency (what do we
  currently we have a 60 amp and 2 25 amp power supplies. We need to get a power strip for the 25 amp power supplies. Greg, KG6SJT, will pick one up this week.
*  Packet Radio controllers (Will any of the donated
  units work?)
  Rob, N6KIX, will be contactced to find out the staus of the controllers
*  Computer (What do we have and what is the OS?)

This has to be checked. N6KLB noted that it must have Windows 98 to be useful for paccket.

*  Cable (internet)access

Bill, KG6GNI will let Lonnt know that it would be ideal to have a hard wired connection. This involved bringing a cable up from the Wave building next door.

*  First Aid kit (who will pick up and when?)

Davidd, W6VNQ, said he would just order the kit when he gets the info. KG6SJT will emailed the info to him on Wednesday morning

*  Food rations (what? Who will pick up and when?)

It was decided that we would each member be responsible for bring a couple of days food with if they go to the fairgounds. storage of MREs might be a problem due to heat during the summer

*  Water (bottled)

Ken, KI6BWM, will check with Red Cross regarding getting some

*  Fire extinguisher

Jim, K6RZL, will check at work. He thinks that they might have one that can be donated for use at the fairground station.

*  Weather Station (Bill, KG6GNI has ordered a tripod
  and will install)
*  HF Antenna (what kind, mounting, when, who?)

After discussion, it was decided that this is a low priority at this time as there will be limited uses by ARES in most emergency situations that would occur in this area

*  2M Packet antenna (what kind, mounting, when, who?)

David said he would bring a J-Pole for this. He also said that he has a shop and we could make a project and build some.

*  2M/70 cm antenna

done the antenna is installed and tested

*  Practice Operation (when?)

A question was asked if there were any Section wide ARES exercises. KG6SJT will email the section coordinator. More info will follow

5. Remaining Work at Red Cross

*  Table (Ken delivered donated by PG&E Bill
  building a shelf)
*  Epoxy ground wire into sidewalk expansion joint

Bill, KG6GNI will do this

*  Drive new ground rod

Bill KG6GNI said he has bought the ground rod and has the driver. This will be done when the wire is expoxed in.
*  2M radio?

Rick, N6KLB, said that he has a radio that he was going to sell on ebay. Yolo ARREs will explore buying this radio or Rick will loan it to us for installation at the Red Cross.

6. Old Business

*  Vests (choose one)

Well... With the few members we had, the $23 vest that KG6SJT had was accpetable. The EC and AECs will talk about this in the next few weeks and decide to go with this if Bill can't find a better one at Forestry Supply.

*  DSW badges from Yolo OES (status)

KG6GNI saw Kyle at the marathon last weekend. Kyle said that Mr. Martin will be taking the question of DSW cards to the Yolo Board of Supervisors in June or July.. Progress is being made

*  Yolo ARES badges (presently being made)

KG6GNI talked to Lonny and he and KG6SJT will meet Lonny on April 28 and see if we can get this completed.

*  Operation Plan (status)

the plan is basically finished for now. It was suggested that the revision date block on te fornt page be added to each page. WA6TQJ has been emailed to for this request.

7. New Business

*  ARES Meeting for May 15

*  Other ??

Jim, K6RZL, mentioned that the Fule Cell consortium in West Sacramento will be holding an Open House on Saturday April 21. Sounds Interesting!

8. NET Control Assignments

*  April 23 N6KLB
*  April 30 KI6FDG
*  May 7     KI6BWM
*  May 14     K6KN
*  May 21   KG6GNI
*  May 28     KI6BZR

9. Adjournment

Yolo County ARES