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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 2/20/2007

1. The meeting was called to order at 1906 hours.
* denotes new callsign.
** ugraded to General Class.
2. Meeting minutes of January 16, 2007 were approved.

3. The treasurer's report- Darrin stated the account balance was Approx. $500.

4. David, W6VNQ, discussed his meeting with Yolo County OES. The meeting
was a postive one, with interest shown by the Head of YC OES. The
I.D. cards are being looked into, as well as the service we can provide
OES. It was noted they have just moved into new quarters, and due to
the lack of qualified personnel, they need assistance with some items...
One is a G5RV antenna that is not working, and other antenna issues.

5. Red Cross Chapter House. The ground wire needs repair, and the spark arrester needs
to be waterproofed. The SWR of the Red Cross antenna is OK for now, but we
need to install an Amateur Band dual band antenna. Bill and Ken will build a shelf
at Chapter House for the radios.
It was noted there is no back up power at Chapter House at this time.
We still need to determine if there are any radios coming from Lake County.

6. Fair Ground Badges are still being looked into.

7. There are 3 power supplies in the closet now for our use.

8. Bill, K6KN, gave a talk on message handling. Rob mentioned that a cw
training net would be a good thing to help members with their CW.

- the net preamble has been modified- In the old version, the note about emergencies was repeated twice, this has been fixed.

9. Net Control Assignments:
Feb. 26 N6KLB
Mar. 5 KD6FDG
Mar. 12 KI6BZR
Mar. 19 W6VNQ
Mar. 26 KI6BWM

10. At the next meeting, Rick, N6KLB, will give an overview of digital modes on the radio including packet.

11. Greg, KG6SJT, will bee setting up a new ARRL Level 1 Emergency communication class. If you need to take this class, email Greg: kg6sjt@gmail.com. This will probably happen in a couple of months.

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