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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 1/16/2007

Meeting Minutes for January 16, 2007 meeting of Yolo ARES

Members present
EC:  Darrin Ogletree, KG6FJL
AEC:   David Towle, KD6VNQ
AEC:   Greg Kruckewitt, KG6SJT
Jim Richter, K6RZL
Daniel Cameron, KF6HHH
Kenneth R Wilson, KI6BWM
Bob Jordan, KI6BZR
Rob Brunk, N6KIX
Rick Littlefield, N6KLB
Ron Melancon, W0EAX
Gary Matteson, WA6TQJ
Ron Collings, WB6ZEI

Guest: K6KN, Bill

1. Discussion of the EOP
The EOP was discussed. Gary, WA6TQJ, has been updating the EOP to reflect the changes and ideas from the discussions. David, KD6VNQ, and he will continue to work on this document.

2. Signing of the BARK-ARES MOU

Postponed until next meeting. Bill, KG6GNI, has the flu. Darrin will try to get together with Bill before the next meeting to sign this.

3. Discussion of a Yolo ARES and Yolo EOC.
David, KD6VNQ, will be contacting Kyle and Bill Martin to set up a meeting.

4. Committee reports.

* Membership:
KI6BWM reported that we gained three new members this month!
Linda NICHOLS, KI6ERV; Ron Melancon, W0EAX; Jim Richter, K6RZL

Well done Ken!

* Training:
We need to schedule a simplex test of the county to find out the coverage fromt he station at the Fairground.

* Red Cross Radio
David, KD6VNQ, and Ken will contact Diana regarding doing a coverage check of the Red Cross radio. We would do this at the same time as we check simplex frequencies.

* Dan, KF6HHH, will be contacting STARS to find out if we can be involved with their activities.

* Rob, N6KIX, brought in several salvaged power supplies that were donated to the Red Cross by the Postal Service. Diana wrote a letter to the Postal service to make this happen! Thanks Diana!

5. Collecting money for dues, and the connectors.

Dues were collected the $25 dues from the following members:


6. Net Controls assignments:

January 29 KI6BZR, Bob
February 5 KD6VNQ, David
February 12 KG6FJL, Darrin
February 19 KG6SJT, Greg
February 26 N6KLB

7. Bill, K6KN, did a satellite demonstration at the meeting. He was able to make several contact.

There is a photo and more information on the web site at:

KG6SJT has posted an Excell Spreadsheet that will convert the AMSAT pass predicitons from UTC to local time

Directions for use are in the spreadsheet

8. At the January 16th Yolo County ARES meeting, Ron Collings, WB6ZEI, showed the REACT Life Time Member Award # 584 he was awarded for his volunteer services during the past the last 40+ years. Well done!

There is a photo and more infomration on the web site at:

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