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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 10/17/2006

Members present:
Rob, N6KIX; Greg, KG6SJT; David, KD6VNQ; Ken, KI6BWM; Gary, WA6TQJ; Rick, N6KLB; Bill, KG6GNI.

Net controls for the following month:
10/23 KD6VNQ
10/30 KI6FDG
11/06 KG6GNI
11/13 N6KIX
11/20 KI6BWM
11/27 N6KLB

EC KG6FJL, Darrin could not attend the meeting due to family concerns.

Meeting was called to order at 1930 hours.
After introductions, Greg talked about the Treasurer's report, which he will post on the web site. The cost for the web site was also brought up, which is approximately 50 Dollars per year.

The subject of a Log for the station in Waite Hall was also mentioned, in order to keep track of who was in the station, and what may have done...equipment use, work on the antennas, etc.

As to the BARK MOU...Greg will post it on the web site. The discussion of a coordinating member took place, Ken or Bill are possible candidates.

The Draft Yolo County OES-Yolo ARES MOU will be posted on the web site by Greg.

Committee Chair persons ( so far):
Waite Hall radio station....Rob
Red Cross HDQ. station......Jack, K6JAC (proposed)
Emergency Response Plan.....David

The need for a YOLO ARES S.O.P was brought up, we need to look at some other ARES web sites to get a feel for what others have done in this area.

The remaining work on the Radio Station:
Connector for coax...Rob will do this.
Desk (Rob) Cabinet (Lonny?, Ken?) Ground wire installation (Rick)
David has provided the station with a 60 amp power supply.

Fair Grounds ID...We need to get with Lonny about these.

Associate members: We have to define exactly what that will entail...their tasks and roles. Any ideas, write them down and share them with the rest of us.

Meeting was adjourned at 2100 hours.

Yolo County ARES