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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 4/22/2004

Members present:

Darrin Ogletree, KG6FJL
James Skinner, KG6HSD
Linda Ford, AA6MR
Greg †Kruckewitt, KG6SJT

Darrin handed out the offical ARES packet. This packet includes FS218 on the radio traffic traffic system. Greg will post the Radiogram forms and links on the Yolo ARES web site. James will give Clinton and Max copies of the packet.

Darrin would like to place a "Calling All Hams" announcement of the Yolo ARES group in the Davis Enterprise and the Daily Democrat. Darrin will put the announcement in the paper one week and then follow-up with an announcement for Field day.
Linda and Clay will put toget this announcement for Darrin. It will be similar the the LA CERT announcement linked on our web site. at the bottom of the page)

Darrin has been working with the Woodland fire department to get the Yolo ARES members CERT training. We can do some training with them and we will provide communications training to them.

James and Clint have had difficulty getting time to do the communications/ radio coverage check for the county.

Darrin suggests we get together on a weekend and everyone go a different way and check communications. We will try to do a county radio mapping on June 12.

The next ARES meeting on May 27.
We will be planning for the radio coverage test.

We need to come together and come up with a list of supplies we need to keep on hand and where we are going to keep them.
- Radios equipment
-Batteries, fuel- LOGISTIC items.

Linda mentioned the Equipment list in the packet would be a good place to start for stored equipment list.

>>> Think about this and bring your suggestions to the meeting.

Other announcements:

* Field Day is the 26 June- at Tomís Farm

* Kathy Hawksly has indicated that she will do a skywarn . Darrin will contact her at Emcomm West.
Darrin will also be making connections of Red Cross and Salvation Army there.

* Linda and Clay have not got the NVBIS antenna yet. They have been working on their projects

* Darrin suggested as a group, we build some NVIS and J-pole antennas

* Linda and Clay will get on the list to teach the Hybrid course

* There was a discussion about using packet radio. Darrin would like to get a couple of packet stations / (PSK31) available.

* The Yolo ARES mission statement will be passed out next month

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