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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 7/18/2006

Yolo ARES meeting July 18, 2006

Members present:
Ken, KI6BWM; Rob, N6KIX; Darring, KG6FJL; Bob KI6BZR; Ron, WB6ZEI; Bill, KG6GNI; Davivd, KD6VNQ; Rick, N6KLB

Visitors: Bill, K6INB

Net controls for the next month:
7/24 KG6SJT
7/31 KG6FJL
8/7 KG6GNI
8/14 KD6VNQ
8/21 N6KIX
8/28 KI6BWM

David gave an overview of the Red Cross.
- We need to clarify the roles of members with dual membership..
- We need to increase our membership
- We are going to work on an Associate membership for pople that want to help and are unable to give the time necessary, or do no thave their license yet...
- David is going to contact Bob Hewitt about a mutaul aid agreement to get more operators in case of emergecny.
- Lake county Red Cross will be moving 8/22/06. Ken will get the info to David to see if we can be of help with the radio equipment

Rick talked about winlink. There was discussion about detting up a psk31 / winlink station at the fairgrounds. Rick sent info to members to get started with winlink

Other discussion items:
- We need to complete forms to get IDs from Red Cross

- We need to establish relations with other local ARES groups

- We need to do a new simplex radio coverage map with the fairgrounds station

Bill, K6INB, talked about the Scout Jamboree on the Air is set for Saturday, Oct. 21, in Woodland.
They have received the special event call sign W6Y. They plan to operate
from 10 AM to 3 PM at the Boy Scout Cabin, 515 Lincoln Ave., in
Woodland. The goal is for Scouts to have on the air contacts with
other JOTA stations or any other hams.

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