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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 5/16/2006

Meeting minutes for May 16, 2006

Members presnet:
  EC: Darrin, KG6FJL
  AEC: Greg, KG6SJT
  Ken, KI6BWM
  Bob, KI6BZR
  Rick, N6KLB
AND out newest member!
  Ron, WB6ZEI
Visitor: Bill, K6INB
Old business

-  Rick has had discussions with Kyle
-  Status of Frequency cards? Not yet.. But it is being worked on...
-  ID Cards? We need to talk to Lonny.

Need NC for:

May 29 greg KG6SJT
June 5 Bob, Ki6BZR

and because there weren't there to say no! :-)

June 12 David, KD6VNQ
June 19 Dan, KF6HHH

If anyone has a problem being net control, please contact greg, kg6sjt@gmail.com ASAP

The last Emcomm class scheduled for May 28th has been rescheduled for June 4th

Field Day
It was decided that we don't have the manpower / womanpower to run a field day station this year.. NEXT YEAR!! Until then, we will join up with YARS on June 24

Bill, K6INB, gave an excellent presentaion on activities that the Boy Scounts will be participating in on Field day. He would love to have help in Teaching course for the Radio Merit badge, and helping the scouts get their badge. Please contact Bill if you can help: bill@ragsdale.cc

K6INB also gave a great summary of Emcomm West in Reno last month! it sounded great!

- There will be a CERT training at the fire department on may 31. They want a presentation from Yolo ARES. KG6SJT will be there to present.. anyone else interested in attending? Being available for a contact via radio?

KG6SJT has two copies of DW Thorne's Radiogram Training DVD. currently Rick, N6KLB, and Bob, KI6BZR, have the DVDs.. Contact them if you want to borrow them withthey have viewed the Radiogram training

Our June meeting will be at David's KD6VNQ's QTH in Arbuckle. Details will follow in a few weeks

KI6BWM; In the June QST, they talk about "Take your Radio to Work" on June 20. We need to think how we can try to participate.

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