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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 3/21/2006

Meeting of Tuesday March 21, 2006    
Yolo County Fairgrounds    
1. Open Meeting

Member present:
Bill, KG6GNI
greg, KG6SJT
David, KD6VNQ
Rick, N6KLB
Rob, N6KIX

Guest: Bill, K6INB

A.  Old Business
- David, KD5VNQ, has yet to hear back about the communications plan for the Auto touring race. Darrin will try to talk to Davis this weekend.

- Bill, K6INB, gave an overview of what is needed for the Boy Scout Camnoree Arpil 7 and 8. Members who are willing to help with the Boy Scout Camporee, check with Rick, N6KLB
2. Treasurer's Report
Dan, KF6HHH, was not able to attend this meeting. the current bank balance was given to the members.
3. MOU with Fairgrounds    
Member reviewd the MOU and made suggestions and spelling corrections. Bill, KG6GNI, will review the modified MOU with Lonny, KG6FJK.
4. EMCOMM 1 Hybid Class                
B.   Registration: We have 5 members signed up for the Hybrid class. Once greg hears back from ARRL, the dates for the meetings will be set. The Class, at least you will have access to the on-line portion, will probably start in mid April.
5. Assignment of Tasks                
- Permanant set up connection through Echolink [ Bob KA9MDP]
- Construction of the closet at Fairgrounds [ April 1. Bill, Davis, Ken, Rick]
- Frequency cards  [ Darrin ]          
- Acquisition and installation of roof antenna and associated cable. [Rob]      
- Acquisition of power supply and distribution for fairground radios [TBA]        
- Clean up patrol for fairgrounds room. [KI6BZR Bob]
- Acquisition of water and MRE's for fairgrounds.
- First aid kit for fairgrounds [TBA]
- Development of standardized information binder [ Bob KA9MDP]
- Check out of Red Cross radios and testing [TBA]
- Check out of repeater coverage throughout county [ more or less done]
- MOU for BARK repeater [ Bill ]
- Development of standardized "go" kits [Discussed.. more on this later]
- Emcomm 01 hybrid class [5 members signed up! ]
- First aid class - wilderness [ no news on this at this time]
- Roll table for radios at fairgrounds [TBA]
- Disaster worker cards [ We need to get intouch with Kyle]
- MOU with Yolo EOC [ TBA]
- Incorporation [ in the future]
- Call out alert - failproof [ TBA]
- Fundraising [TBA]
- Membership Drive [Bob, KI6BZR]
- MOU for Fairgrounds [ Bill KG6GNI]

6. New Business.

The membership voited to have Rob, N6KIX, order a Diamond X-50 antenna for permanent mounting at the Fairgrounds. KG6GNI and KG6JT will cover the cost if necessary until the groups bank account can support pay without incurring a bank charge.

7. Adjourn-- around 9:20 PM

Yolo County ARES