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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 2/21/2006

Meeting of Tuesday February 21, 2006
Yolo County Fairgrounds

1.  Open Meeting,  Old business

Darrin  Ogletree, KG6FJL
William  Gustavson, KG6GNI
Greg  Kruckewitt, KG6SJT
Bob  Kehr, KA9MDP
David  Towle, KD6VNQ
Daniel  Cameron, KF6HHH
Kenneth R  Wilson, KI6BWM
Bob  Jordan, KI6BZR
Rob  Brunk, N6KIX
Rick  Littlefield, N6KLB

Bill Ragsdale, K6INB
Ruth Wechsler, Yolo Red Cross
Information on Boy Scout Camporee by Bill Ragsdale, K6INB

* Rick, N6KLB, will be the contact on communicaitons with the Boy Scouts. They will be having their Camporee, April 7 and 8 at Timm Ranch, modeled after the CERT program. It will consist of Disaster drills: First aid, fire suppression, rescue.

They will be using FRS and ham radios. It will be like a Field Day with generators, lights, HF and VHF, / UHF radios. They have a Special Event Station Call of  W6Y. Contact Rick for more information.

* Daid will be talking to the Yuba Sutter Sheriff
* Dan, Yolo STARS never returned calls.

2.  Treasurer's Report

3. Red Cross Radios

David, Kd6VNQ and Rob N6KIX have the Red Cross Radios working. They still need to work on the Station and the ERV

4. Prioritization of ARES Projects

* Construction of the closet at Fairgrounds
- Darrin will contact everyone, but March 4 the planned construction date
- Ken, Ki6BWM, has sheetrock if we need it- need truck to transport

- We will contact Lonny, KG6FJK, about getting ID cards made for members
- We need a Equipment Loan Agreement form for equipment loaded to station
* Frequency cards: Darrin KG6FJL will put together a prototype

* Acquisition and installation of roof antenna and associated
- Rob will contact Lonny and Lynn about this
- Bill has the triax cable that Rob had.

* Acquisition of power supply and distribution for fairground
- Darrin, David, and Rob have power supplies we can use at Fairgrounds

* Clean up patrol for fairgrounds room.
- We will clean up the room as we build the closet partition

* Acquisition of water and MRE's for fairgrounds.
* First aid kit for fairgrounds

- Epicenter Store http://theepicenter.com/
- Darrin will pick up first aid kits and MREs there.. Let him know what you want to order

* Development of standardized information binder
- Bob, KA9MDP, will be the contact for this project

* MOU for BARK repeater- It will be a simple agreement
- Darrin and Bill, KG6GNI are working on this

* MOU with Yolo Fairgrounds
- Lonny will get us the Fairgrounds Standard Contract

* Development of standardized "go" kits
- Info on the Wiki Site.. It will be in the Binder info that KA9MDP is orgranizing

* Emcomm 01 hybrid class
- greg, kg6sjt, will contact the members that need this class: kg6fjl, kf6hhh, ki6bwm, ki6bzrr, n6kix (Lonny ?, Lynn ?, John ??)

* Roll table for radios at fairgrounds
- Rob, N6KIx, has a wood desk we can use
* Disaster worker cards * and * MOU with Yolo EOC
- Darrin will email Kyle for more info

* Incorporation
- Bill, KG6GNI is still reading up on this

* Call out alert - failproof
- The frequency card will help with this- ALSO is all communications down listen to the repeater. Simplex frequencies on the card will be the backups

 * Membership Drive
- We will be teaching a Red Cross Lisiaon Class April 20.

* Permanant set up connection through Echolink (FUTURE PROJECT )

New Business:

Davis, KD6VNQ will get more information about the possible training exercise with the Ventage Car Race that will stop in Colusa.

Yolo County ARES