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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 2/20/2018

Meeting Facilitator: Doug Hollowell, EC
I. Call to order
II. Introductions
III. Current Projects
a) Housekeeping (5-10 min)
1. Treasurer’s report – (Bill) absent
2. Attendance sign ups – (Doug)
3. Net control & practice message sign-ups – (Doug)
4. Equipment check sign ups – (Doug)
b) Sac Valley Section Reports
1. Greg Kruckewitt, Sac Valley Section EC - absent
2. Ken Wilson, District 3 EC
c) AEC Reports (10-20 min)
1. Gary Matteson
2. Bill Ragsdale - absent
3. John Prenton,
4. Joe DeAngelo - absent
d) Activity & presentation suggestions (5 min)
1. Dr. Ed Fong, antenna presentation.
2. Topics from AEC meeting.
e) Upcoming public service events (5-10 min)
1. Cache Creek Ridge Ride, May 5-6
2. Davis Double Century, May 19
IV. New Business (5-10 min)
a) Yolo County HHS is partnering with UC Davis Fire and City of Davis Fire to stage
a Mass Casualty Incident. Volunteers are needed to act as victims, and be treated by
emergency personnel, or as members of the “crowd”. Date: April 16, 17, 20; 7:30
a.m. to noon & noon to 4:00 p.m. Half days or full days. Lunch is provided.
b) Yolo County OES working towards EMAP certification. Dana could use volunteer
help going through old boxes of records, preparing them for scanning.
V. Presentation – John Prenton – Creating a Family Communication Plan
VI. Open Discussion – All members
VII. Next Meeting – Tuesday, March 20, 7:00 p.m.
VIII. Adjournment

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