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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 1/19/2006

Minutes for 19 January Meeting

Members present:
kg6gni, Bill
kg6sjt, greg
kd6vnq, David
kg6fjj, Lynn
ki6bwm, Ken
ki6bzr, Bob
n6kix, Rob
n6klb, Rick
kf6hhh, Dan

* Status of becoming a non-profit- Dues

- Dan reported that is looks like it is difficult and expensive to become a non-profit. Dan asked the Red Corss if we can piggy back with them. He has not heard back from them yet.
- The question was asked what other ARES groups do. We need to find out.
- Bill, kg7gni, is going to check if it is possible to file for a non profit ourselves without a lawyer using something like a Nolo Press book.

* Sign up Net Controls for the next month
January 30 greg kg6sjt
February 6 Bill kg6gni
February 13 Rick n6klb
February 20 David kd6vnq
February 27 Rob N6kix

- Rick had a hard time finding the script for the net. greg needs to add a BIG link on the member's home page for easy finding!

* Call out procedures Discussion (greg)
* What worked, what needs to be improved
- All in all it worked OK.
- We need to check if we need to notify the SEC or DEC if we are called out
- We need to have a band plan if repearters are down, what simplex frequencies do we check?
- What do we do if we think there might be a problem and we might be called (a self evident disaster/ problem)

* Contact lists... who calls whom?
- What if a member is contacted by Red Cross, can that member call out everyone, or do theyneed to check with EC or AECs?
- greg needs to add date stamp on callout list on web / member roster so everyone knows the date they printed it out and knows it is current.
- Rick remembers seeing a long time ago that there was a simplex plan for the Sacramento Valley.. We need to see if that is still available.

* Goals for Yolo ARES
* Training
- There was interest in packet radio. Rob will see about getting his equipment runing and hopefully give us a demo / class on this.
- David, showed a Compass Map he got at Walmart that was for Davis, Woodland, West Sac, Gleen and Colusa. GREAT for go kit.

* Reminder to take ICS-700

Setting up the station at Fairgrounds
- Rob has a big wooden desk we can use
- It was discussed that we might be better off to put up separate band antennas
- Rob has an old computer we could use for packet
- BIll has a tnc we could use with packet
- FIRST PRIORITY is gettig the closet partitioned. Bill and Lynn will check with Lonny.
(UPDATE- Lynn has emailed Lonny and he is check if someone wat the fairgrounds can do this)
- Lynn is planning on putting a keypad lock on the door in the next week or so.

* Yolo ARES by-laws and Charter
All in all they by-laws are looking OK.. FOR sure we need to do the following:
- Add a creation and Revision date box.. so we know when it was revised.
- Check out about disburing the funds etc. if we disband to a non profit (bill's wife's suggestion)
- Dan will be updating the doc and send to greg

Next Actions:

* A priority list of projects
- Get station closet partitioned, then we cna all start to bring equipment and see what we have.

Yolo County ARES