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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 12/15/2005

Meeting minutes for December 15, 2005

Members present:
Darrin, KG6FJL
Bill, KG6GNI
Greg, KG6SJT
Bob Kehr, KA9MDP
Dave, KD6VNQ
Rob, N6KIX
Rick, N6KLB
Lonny, KG6FJK
Lynn, KG6FJJ

Guests: Bob Jordan and Ken Wilson

1. There was discussion of setting up an emergency sation at the Yolo Fairgrounds. Lonny gave a description of the the location (about 66' elevation). We plan to have an HF and a dual bander in place. Also, we need to think about what else we need... food, water..? A code access panel will be installed soon.

2. Training: Darrin, Rick, David, and Greg have taken the NIMS training

3. We need everyone to update your profile with contact info. In January, we will release a new form to get every possible way to contact you.

4. Red Cross Class recap: the class went well, we have 7 people who are interested in becoming hams- two of which attended the meeting tonight! Good luck to Ken who will be taking the VE exam this Saturday!

5. We will sponsor a class for new hams in January or February

6. Net Control.- This responsibility will rotate:
Dec 19, greg kg6sjt

Dec 26, NO NET!!!!

Jan 2, Dan,  KF6HHH
Jan 9, Bill, KG6GNI
Jan 16, Rick,  N6KLB
Jan 23, Bob,  KA9MDP

7. DSW card status: Kyle at EOC is working on it.. the paper work has been signed, but the making of the cards may take time.

8. Field Guide / Manual, We still need to get this together.. Darrin looked at the wiki site and liked what he saw so far

9. Call out procedures:
Darrin will call the activation. If he is not available, it should be Bill or greg, however, everyone needs to have the ARES team members contact info with them in case they have to call everyone.

We need to develop a phone tree.

10. Equipment survey: greg handed out a member survey. this form will be used to design a new database and give Darrin a list of each member's capabilities.

11. Bob noted that our CPR cards expire soon. Darrin will contact Tom Rominger, and get him to set up a class soon.

12. Davis gave infomration about the Colusa County Sheriff department. Scott, the EC for government Agencies is eager to get resources. He has offered to host a meeting at the EOC there.

Darrin is going to contact Michael in Sutter and see about setting up a joint meeting in Colusa with yolo ARES and the Sutter ARES.

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