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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 1/17/2017

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Doug Hollowell.

Attendees: Joe DeAngelo AG6QO, Bill Ragsdale K6KN, Ken Wilson K6WLS, Greg Kruckewitt KG6SJT, Dennis Kelleher KI6HHA, Doug Hollowell KJ6VHE, Frank Smith KK6YCS, John Prenton W6FAQ, Lucille King W6KJX, Gary Matteson WA6TQJ, Roger Hess KK6OPW.

Guest attendees: Ken March KF6AGM

Sign in sheets, along with sign-up sheets for net control/practice message and Served Agency equipment checks, were passed around to all. Everyone was encouraged to help with the weekly net, especially with the practice message. Through the month of April, we’ll need two volunteers on the fourth Monday so that all equipment checks will be done, as scheduled.

Current Projects
Yolo County OES – their FCC license needs to be updated to reflect a new trustee. Kyle Norderer, with Cal OES, has agreed to be the new trustee.

Woodland General Hospital – Jennifer Broussard, Emergency Planning Coordinator, has requested that Yolo ARES perform a communications test, via repeater, simplex, and packet, with the five other Dignity Health locations in the Greater Sacramento Area. Doug has contacted Sacramento County ARES and Nevada County ARES, who support the other Dignity Health locations. Detailed discussions will be held when the weather changes, perhaps around April 1.

Everbridge – Doug sent out an Everbridge notification on January 7. The notification was sent to 22 members and a response was received by every member. Notifications will be sent out each quarter to test the information in the Everbridge system.

Activity & Presentation Suggestions – members will be asked regularly for suggestions for activities and for meeting presentation topics. February’s presentation will be from the recent Active Shooter training session, put on by Yolo County HHS. The presenter will be John Prenton.

New Business
Recording Volunteer Time – The Section EC, Greg Kruckewitt, has asked all members to be as precise as possible when recording volunteer time. It is important that we all understand how much volunteer time is being sacrificed for the ARES effort.

Pictures & Identification Cards – We have two new members (Dennis Kelleher and Frank Smith) who need to have pictures taken so ID cards can be created. Also, for members with ID cards that are, or have, expired, stickers will be created so that ID cards will continue to be valid. Greg Kruckewitt and Ken Wilson are working on it.

Presentation – The presentation for the meeting was offered by Joe DeAngelo on the topic of NTS, the National Traffic System. NTS is a message gathering, forwarding and delivery service offered by amateur radio operators. For detailed information on NTS, please refer to Joe’s website at AG6QO.com, select “Links” on the home page, then scroll down on the “Links” page to the “RRI and NTS Traffic Handling” section.

Open Discussion – there were no members with topics to discuss.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Yolo County ARES