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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 10/18/2016

Attnedees: Doug Hollowell, EC, Bob Jordan, John Prenton, AEC, Lucille King, Greg Kruckewitt, ARRL Sac Valley Section District 3 EC, Rob Brunk, and Bill Ragsdale, AEC. Also, new members Dennis Kelleher and Franklin Smith attended.
Discussed the Statewide Medical Health Exercise-Active Shooter Tabletop exercise, hosted by Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency and attended by John Prenton, AEC and Doug Hollowell, EC. Greg Kruckewitt mentioned the upcoming Great CA Shake-Out event. It was discussed among the members at the meeting and decided that Yolo ARES would hold a limited exercise, since the event was two days away. Doug asked the attendees if Yolo ARES had ever held a table-top exercise for training and planning purposes; no members present could recall an exercise of that nature being previously held. Doug discussed the Constitution and By-Laws document found on the Yolo ARES website, and some of the language in the document that appears to not pertain to Yolo ARES (ie: references to "Board" or "Executive Board". It was decided that the document needed to be reviewed and updated so that it better reflected how we operate. Lastly, Bill Ragsdale gave a presentation on how to locate hidden transmitters, in preparation for an activity currently planned for Saturday, November 12, in Woodland. There will be a short training session for new hidden transmitter searchers, then two hidden transmitters will be searched for. The first will be a shorter distance search, and the second will be a longer distance search. After the transmitters are located, we'll have lunch at a restaurant in Woodland.

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