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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 10/20/2005

Members Present
William Gustavson, KG6GNI
Greg Kruckewitt, KG6SJT
Bob Kehr, KA9MDP
Dave Towle, KD6VNQ
Daniel Cameron, KF6HHH
Rob Brunk, N6KIX
Rick Littlefield, N6KLB

- Information on the FEMA Independent Study Program: IS-700 National Incident Management System (NIMS), was discussed. We'd like each member to take this independent study class

- Darrin wants us to get together a list of addresses and phone numbers for all fire and police stations and hospitals in Yolo County was discussed.

- it was noted that the Non emergency Yolo Dispatch phone is 530-666-2411

Bill is going to Check with the sheriff's department and the EOC to see if this is already available. the question came up... What phone numbers? Main, backdoor, emergency?

Dan is going to check about getting a bank account, a Fictitious Business Name, and business license set up.

New items

*  Discuss the last month's messages
- We ran out of time, but everyone agreed that this has been a very useful exercise. Rick will be doing the message on Monday OCT 24 net

*  Pass out message handling information booklet
- Each member recieved the first two chapters of the message handling book plus a Quick Reference sheet

*  Frequency Plan ? Where are we on this?
Rob mentioned that we will probably have to go simplex if everything go down. Everyone should be able to transmit on the repeater OUT frequencies.
- We need simplex frequencies for 440 and 2 meters
- Dan mentioned monitoring CLEMARS frequencies.

*  Anderson Powerpoles $6.00 for a packet of 10 pairs, 30 AMPS
- Most member bought at least 10 pairs. We have 29 pair left. Darrin wants some of these.

*  Order water proof notebooks for members?
- There was interest in getting this.. Bill will get a current price list
- Rob mentioned that in the Navy, they used a grease pen and plastic paper.

*  Participation in Skywarn practice session.
- Dan is going to send the info he had on this. NOTE: om 10/21/05 some info that Dan sent has been posted on the Yolo ARES web site.
- Most members are interested in getting the training. Bill noted that he has a weather station that can be set up rather rapidly.

*  Sign-ups for next CERT session.
Bill will check with Bruce Lecair from the Woodland Fire Dept. about the starting date for the next class... probably in January.

For Discussion

- Dan brought the "Check List for EMMCOM Corrdinators" that was in the latest EMMCOM newsletter. We need to work on this.. BUT progress is being made in many ares. Darrin is getting good communications started with Yolo RED cross.

- Bill menioned that at the last CERT meeting, we talked to Jennie about a Wilderness first aid class. Bill, greg, Bob, Davis, and possibly Dan expressed interest. We will persue this with Red Cross

Items to follow up on:

- Bill will talk to the Sheriff's Depart. Regarding the list of Hospitals etc.
- Bill will also contact Kyle Noderer at Yolo EOC to see if they have the info available.

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