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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 9/15/2005

Yolo ARES meeting, September 15, 2005

Darrin, KG6FJL
Bill, KG6GNI
Dave, W6OT
Rob, N6KIX
Greg, KG6SJT
Rick, N6KLB

Darrin received a request for donations for blind ham that lost everything in the hurricane. It was suggested that $10 donations be sent to David Thorne.

- SF ARES has a deal on Anderson powerpoles 8 pairs at $8.60 (30 AMP)
Darrin will order 100 pairs

- You can get Red and black zip cord from west mountain.

- There was a discussion of problems with flooding in New Orleans
- Bill discussed how Folsom Dam water levels became critical several years ago and almost had to do a MAJOR water release.. it would have flooded Sacramento up to 20 feet deep.
- In just a couple of hours.. there could be 20 feet of water in the
pocket area of sac.

Antennas at fire stations:

the Cortland Antenna has antenna and dual bander

Capay valley is OK
Woodland OK

Darrin would like everyone to have a few 10 foot sections of aluminum tubing
and an antenna in trucks

Darrin is selling his crane.. will put a 50 crank up on a trailer. We will have
a portable tower

We need to do more simplex and have a dual band in trucks

issues we may have to deal with
- Causeway full
- if Folsom dam dumps.. the levels will fail
- momtecello fails?
- torrential rains

We need to get everyone self contained, we need a check list

Everyone needs to come up with a list of what we each need.. email Greg..
he will post.

Yolo County ARES