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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 2/18/2014

February 18, 2914 Yolo county ARES

Members present:
Rob, N6KIX
John, W6FAQ
Ken, K6WLS
Gary, WA6TQJ,
Bill, K6KN
Greg, KG6SJT
Scott, Visitor

-------- Agenda Items-------

* Woodland Health Care Hospital support- John, W6FAQ

John report that after the meeting in December, not too much progress has occurred. At that meeting, there was a discussion that because Yolo ARES is a small group, it is unlikely that we can support the fire departments, Red Cross, and the county. John has the information from Orange County to make a presentation, but support more hospitals would be difficult at this time.
He also mentioned that the hospitals are developing their own internal communication modes.
Gary, mentioned that there was a $1000 dollar grant, and he has asked Yolo County Health to install an antenna and drop line where amateur radio operators could work.

* Yolo County Fair booth support - Gary
Gary reported that to get a booth at Yolo County Fair, would require a budget of $800. He said that Yolo OES is interested in participating, and may have some funds available.

Gary also mentioned that he has pre-packaged classes that could be run right after the fair to encourage people at the fair to get their license.

Gary also mentioned that he has been attempting to contact Darrin, about using the UC Davis Antenna trailer for use in the demo booth.

* Cache Creek Ridge Ride Support, May 10, 2014

A discussion of the Cache Creek Ride was held. ARES members that have worked this event I the past were very enthusiastic about supporting the event again this year.

A Sign UP sheet to gauge interest was passed around.
K6Wls, KJ6PEL, WA6TQJ, N6KIX, and KG6SJT all expressed interest.

KG6SJT will create an on-line sign up in the near future.

* Initial test/upgrade session in April KEN
K6WLS discussed the FCC test session April 19th will be sponsored by Yolo ARES and BARK.

They will also be conducting a test session February 25 to test the CERT members that are taking the class that Wes, WS6Z, has been conducting.

* Go kit demos for next meeting
Members were asked to bring examples of radio set ups for deployment

* Mark your calendar, the Davis Bike Club Double Century May 17, 2014
Contact Dave Nishikawa, dhnishik@dcn.org

* Open discussion on planning a Yolo ARES drill
Gary, WA6TQJ, discussed the HF net that Sacramento OES is asking all counties to participate in. Dana, at Yolo OES, has offered to open the OES in the evening for members to use for the weekly net.

* Bill, K6KN, passed around a list of members who have their due paid up.

Yolo County ARES