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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 12/17/2013

Agenda for the December 17, Yolo County ARES Meeting

1.Voltage polarity checker for your go kit. John, W6FAQl
John had the plans from a QST to build an easy voltage polarity tester. He picked up one from High Serria and plans to take it apart so he can make others.

2. Summary of 2013 Activities and Volunteer times (K6WLS)
· Yolo ARES members volunteered: Events and Times:

Volunteer times: Yolo ARES had over 1900 hours of volunteer time. Even with this number, it ws noted that some members forget to add their times each month.
-  FIVE VE Test Sessions
-  The Extra Effort Challenge to get more extra class operators
-  Set up the packet and Radio station at EOC
-  Members attended the Yolo County Health Department meetings.
-  Set up the Packet Node on Berryessa Peak
-  Set up a RaspberryPI BBS for packet
-  Reconfigure Berryessa repeater shack
-  Brush cutting at repeater site
-  Participated in the Great California Shake Out
-  Cache Creek Ridge Ride
-  Participated in Princess Promenade
-  Participated in Foxy Fall
-  Participated in Davis Double Century
-  Oregon SET – Hack Attack
-  Western States
-  The Tevis
-  California International Marathon
-  Red Cross ICS-213 messaging class in Sacramento
-  Amador Hospital Test
-  SacvalleyARES.org web site development

4. Joe gave an update on the packet BBS and we discussed message forwarding and tying in to NTS

4. Where do we go next? What would you like to see Yolo ARES accomplish for next year? (KG6SJT)
· Exercises?

· Trainings / Presentations?

· Ideas?

We got a few good ideas out of this discussion. And two members John, W6FAQ said he has a list at home...

5. Quick overview of www.sacvalleyares.org. (KG6SJT)

All counties in the Sacramento Valley Section now havet what we have easy volunteer time tracking and training resources.

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