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Yolo ARES Meeting Minutes for 2/12/2004

The Yolo ARES group met on February 12 at the home of Clay and Linda Ford. Members attending were Darrin Ogletree (KG6FJL), Clay Ford (KF6SNF), Linda Ford (AA6MR), Greg Kruckewitt (KG6SJT), Rick Littlefield (N6KLB), Clinton Andreason (KF6WLC), and James Skinner (KG6HSD). Absent were Bob Kehr, (KA9MDP) and Nick Schmalenberger (KG6PIP).

A mission statement patterned after the Sacramento Valley mission statement was discussed. Clay (KF6SNF) offered to fine tune it and send it to Darrin (KG6FJR) for discussion and/or approval.

It was announced that Tom Rominger would soon have his American Heart Association First Aid Instructor's certification. When he receives it we will try to schedule a training session.

Darrin (KG6FJL) is also working on our association with the Red Cross and we should have more information soon.

Darrin (KG6FJL) will be asking David Thorne (K6SOJ) to give us a course in traffic handling using the NTS protocol. We all need to get information on the NTS.

Greg (KG6SJT) spoke about the FEMA courses which are free on the internet. He also brought some of the material from courses he has taken.

Darrin (KG6FJL) will also contact Richard Hill (NU6T) concerning the hybrid course for ECC Level 1.

We will receive Weather Spotter training later this year.

We will be putting ads in the local papers to recruit hams for membership in our group.

Darrin (KG6FJL) will be net control this Monday (February 16th) and Linda (AA6MR) will be net control in 2 weeks (March 1)

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