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Yolo ARES Net Log for 4/30/2018

Start time: 8:00:00 PM

Net control: K6WLS - Ken

Members checked in:
    kk6lds - Doug
    ag6qo - Joe
    k6kn - Bill
    w6faq - John
    wa6tqj - Gary
    k6bil - william
    k6wls - Kenneth R
    kg6sjt - Greg
    ki6hha - Dennis
    kj6hhy - Dale
    km6kfw - Darrell
    km6njw - Christian
    n6joa - Charles (Charlie)
    n6kix - Rob
    n6klb - Rick
    n6olo - Pam
    w6kjx - Lu
    wb6lew - Lew

   18 member check-ins.

Visitor check-ins: WB6DNL Dave - Davis

Special Traffic
Emergency / Priority traffic:

Announcements Doug KK6LDS Please turn your volunteer hours for the month. This coming weekend is the Cache Creek Ridge ride. if you have time and haven't signed up to help out please do. contact
Rick N6KLB to do so.
There is an FCC license exam on the 12th of May for all elements. Starts at 0730 and closes down by 0930 at 850 Pioneer Ave in the LDS chapel.
Kg6sjt Greg reminded all
ares members that it is a good practice to sign up the the NC position to do the nets and also to sighn up to do a practice message.
when the real day comes you will be glad you did.

Official Traffic
Traffic: None

Practice Message (or more traffic) Practice Message: By K6KN
9 R K6KN 30 Woodland 0952 043018
All Local Hams
Two ham activities this week
X the yars meeting at
the Explorit center Tuesday and
Ridge Ride this week hyphen
end x operators may sign
up at the yars meeting

Closing time: 8:26:00 PM

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